A Newly Re-written Buffer Zone Law – Really?

July 23, 2014 in 1st Amendment, Founding Principles, Political Overreach

Mark Fishe 2014


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A Newly Re-written Buffer Zone Law – Really?

Mark Fisher, Republican Candidate for Governor of MA comments on toady’s proceedings at the State House in Boston:

Today, the House of Representatives is discussing a new Buffer Zone Law. The recent Supreme Court, unanimous 9-0 decision against the MA buffer zone law showed that Liberals and Conservatives on the bench can come together and agree on this issue. This decision should be hailed by both Pro-Life and Pro-choice groups because it allows women greater opportunity to receive added information on which to make informed choices. Those who oppose this decision show their true colors as being Pro-Abortion and not Pro-Choice!

In the course of the arguments for this case it was asked if there was evidence of violence outside of abortion clinics. No such evidence could be produced. This is surprising in two ways. First, the pro-abortion crowd talks constantly about such violence. Second, even though looking like branches of the NSA with all their surveillance cameras, Abortion clinics were not able to document any violence by Pro-Life counselors. This is because violence done to women at these clinics is performed on the inside of them, not on the streets outside of them. The recent, horrifying story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell proves this only too well. But, this story did not receive the coverage it deserved. If it had, the truth about the violence against women at abortion clinics would have been told, and this is the first step in preventing it.

Mark Fisher has received the endorsement of Mass Citizens for Life (MCFL). He agrees with MCFL president Anne Fox in her statements: “Massachusetts Citizens for Life urges the legislature to let law enforcement apply existing laws before writing any new ones.” “Let’s not waste the time of the legislators and the tax money of the citizens to end up before the Supreme Court again.”


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