Carr: Charlie Baker’s baying like a moonbat

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Carr: Carlie Baker’s baying like a moonbat

Deval’s ‘twin’ on immigration



Howie Carr

It’s time for Charlie Baker to make up his mind whose side he’s on.

The law-abiding taxpaying U.S. citizens, or the hordes of freeloading illegal aliens swarming across the Rio Grande.

The dithering GOP front-runner put his foot in his mouth again this week, at a debate where he was asked which current Republican politician is his role model.

Charlie’s brain froze up. Oh dear God, they would insist on a Republican. What a conundrum for a Harvard man, being asked to name a good Republican. First there was dead silence, then finally Charlie asked if he could pick Ronald Reagan. No, he was told, Dutch is dead. More silence. Finally he blurted out:

“Jeb Bush.”

Jeb Bush! Another Republican with an asterisk — a RINO. Jeb Bush has only said one memorable thing in his whole career, and that was when he said illegal immigration is “an act of love.”

A love of welfare, certainly.

Baker’s latest faux pas comes just a month after the Obama administration tried to dump hundreds if not thousands of undocumented Democrats on the commonwealth. Gov. Deval Patrick had invited them in — after all, the state only spends $1.8 billion a year on welfare for illegal aliens, so what’s another few hundred million per annum ad infinitum?

The elected officials in the communities that were going to be devastated by this influx of thousands of new Tsarnaevs raised holy hell. But Charlie Baker backed Deval, his fellow Harvard grad.

“I think it’s incumbent on the states to be cooperative with the federal government on this issue,” he said on July 21, “given the humanitarian crisis that’s at hand.”

Charlie, how about the humanitarian crisis facing the U.S. population, being forced to take in millions of disease-ridden, non-English-speaking, unskilled non-workers and having to support them forever? Whatever happened to charity begins at home? This is not their home, Charlie, it’s ours. How about that humanitarian crisis, Charlie?

“I think it’s important,” Charlie continued, “for the federal government to be very specific with the commonwealth about exactly how it’s going to work.”

Here’s how it’s going to work. We Americans will work, and they won’t. We’ll support ourselves, and we’ll support them.

Now, we know how Democrats feel about this — they’re hot to trot to import a new welfare-dependent underclass, to keep themselves in power. They’ve gone from being the party of the working class to being the party of the non-working class.

The other night on WBZ, Democrat candidate Don Berwick was asked if he’d ever heard of Matthew Denice, the Milford motorcyclist run down and killed by a drunken illegal. Berwick had no idea who this U.S. citizen victim was, and when he was told, this moonbat’s moonbat didn’t seem to care.

“You can pick anecdotes to make any point,” Berwick sniffed.

There you have it. Illegal alien wants handout — humanitarian crisis. American killed by drunk illegal alien on welfare — an anecdote.

Charlie, listen to me. You can’t get elected by trying to out-moonbat the moonbats. To paraphrase Harry S Truman, if you give voters a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, they’ll pick the Democrat every time.

On St. Patrick’s Day at Halitosis Hall, Deval Patrick made a joke: “It turns out that Charlie Baker and I are identical twins.”

It also turns out, Deval wasn’t kidding.

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We need You to Support and Elect Frank Addivinola to the MA 5th Congressional District

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FrankThere are only 17 days left to help elect a  regular guy and non-socialist to the MA Congressional Delegation! A person who would be accountable to you, and not some Washington Machine!

The first thing that you should know about this race is that the Special Election is on Tuesday December 10th. The second thing that you should know is that the MA Democrat Machine  has put up another  Socialist,  Katherine Clark to replace  Socialist Ed Markey in the 5th CD. This according to the KeyWiki website,  which states that The Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) supported Clark in 2004 and 2008. You can view the entire Keywiki post at the end of this article.

“DSA support in 2004

According to to the Boston Democratic Socialists of America newsletter, The Yankee Radical, September 2004, page 8, Boston DSA endorsed several State Senate candidates in 2004. These included Katherine Clark, challenger, Democrat (Melrose).[3]

Mass Alliance endorsement

In 2008, Mass Alliance endorsed Katherine Clark for the vacant State Rep. seat in the 32nd Middlesex Dis-trict (Melrose, parts of Wakefield). Clark has been Chair of the Melrose School Committee, and was endorsed by former Rep. Mike Festa and Attorney General Martha Coakley, for whom she was then working. “She also aced the Alliance questionairre”.[4]

[ You may ask what is the relationship between the Mass Alliance and DSA?]

DSA connection

According to Boston Democratic Socialists of America newsletter, The Yankee Radical, March 2006.[5]

We (Boston Democratic Socialists of Americacontinued our electoral work with the Massachusetts Alliance (formerly the Commonwealth Coalition), a grouping of unions, civil rights groups and other progressive forces who strive to provide effective support in a targeted number of state legislative races. Through the Alliance we strengthened our relationship with key allies and, by door-knocking, phone-banking and mailings, helped elect Linda Dorcena ForryChris Speranzo and Pat Jehlen to the State House. Boston DSA also supported (on our own) the successful City Council re-election races of Felix Arroyo in Boston and Denise Provost in Somerville.

Our plans for 2006 include projects voted as priorities by DSA’s recent National Convention, especially focusing on the low-wage economy (i.e., Wal-Mart, healthcare). And we’ll maintain our involvement with the Alliance—currently we’re working on the State Rep. races of Claire Naughton in Foxboro and (again on our own) Denise Provost in Somerville.

DSA endorsement

In 2010, Katherine Clark, running for Massachusetts state Senate ,Middlesex and Essex, was included in a list of the mainly Massachusetts candidates endorsed by the Boston Democratic Socialists of America, published in the The Yankee Radical:[5][6] “


The following post is courtesy of The Rabid Republican Blog

Lopsided Race Begins In 5th Congressional

Posted October 15th, 2013 by ironmike

It will be ugly!  The Dems are determined to hold onto the seat that Markey slept infor 37 years. The unions will be out in force – along with Planned Parenthood,  Emily’s List,  and all the left-over Acorn socialists. 5thCDWinners

Frank is a great candidate,  and anybody who respects the US Constitution should break ranks with their past and vote for him.

The Election is Tuesday, Dec 10th.

Clark is a perfect addition to the Obama Cartel – she even spent time working in Chicago, – and won the Globendorsement. But some Progressives are having a lot of heartburn over her support of Coakley’s wiretapping bill.

Perhaps now Sheriff Koutoujian can get back to his day job – and finally issue a report on why his predecessor James V DiPaola killed himself.   Funny how Democrats refuse to answer direct questions!

The following article about Katherine Clark is excerpted from  Trevor Loudon’s KeyWiki Blog at and documents Katherine’s FAR-LEFT Socialist leanings. 


Katherine Clark

Katherine Clark

Katherine Clark


Katherine Clark was sworn in as a Massachusetts State Senator, in January 2011 representing Lynnfield, Malden, Melrose, Reading, Stoneham and Wakefield. She was first elected in March 2008 to represent Melrose and Wakefield in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Senator Clark serves as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Service and the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Business. She also serves on the Joint Committees on Education, Public Safety and Homeland Security, Veterans and Federal Affairs, and Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight. Senator Clark is a member of the Advisory Council for the Department of Early Education and Care. In early 2011, Senator Clark was appointed to the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy Advisory Board at the University of Massachusetts Boston.[1]

Clark’s husband, Rodney Dowell, is an attorney and executive director of the Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers program.

Congressional primary

In October 2013, State Sen. Katherine Clark won the Democratic primary in the special election for Massachusetts’ 5th Congressional District.

Clark took 31.6 percent of the vote in the seven-way Democratic race to fill now-Sen. Ed Markey’s Boston-area House seat. Her closest competitor was Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, who won 22 percent.

State Rep. Carl Sciortino, an openly gay candidate who got Internet and media attention for a TV ad that featured him “coming out” to his tea party father as a liberal, came in third with 16.1 percent of the vote. State Sen. William Brownsberger came in fourth with 14.6 percent, followed by state Senate Majority Whip Karen Spilka with 13 percent.

The Democratic state senator was heavily favored to win the general election in the solidly blue 5th District, where President Barack Obama received 65 percent of the vote in 2012.

Clark, who was backed by the pro-Democratic women’s group EMILY’s List, led in most of the little polling that was done in the race.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel said in a statement that he’s confident Clark will win in the blue district.

“Katherine will be a voice for the middle class, and I am confident that the people of Massachusetts’ 5th district will agree, and in December will elect her to this Democratic seat, which President Obama won with two-thirds of the vote in both 2008 and 2012,” he said.[2]

Education/ career

Katherine Clark’s professional career includes service as a prosecutor, school committee member, General Counsel for the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services, and Chief of the Policy Division for the Massachusetts Attorney General. She has been an advocate for seniors, the environment and social justice as a top policy maker.

Katherine Clark is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, Cornell University School of Law, and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.[3]

In her early career she worked as an attorney in Chicago, then moved to Colorado where she worked as a clerk for a federal judge and later as a staff attorney for the Colorado District Attorneys Council.She moved to Massachusetts in 1995 and became general counsel for the state Office of Child Care Services.[4].

DSA support in 2004

According to to the Boston Democratic Socialists of America newsletter, The Yankee Radical, September 2004, page 8, Boston DSA endorsed several State Senate candidates in 2004. These included Katherine Clark, challenger, Democrat (Melrose).[5]

Mass Alliance endorsement

In 2008, Mass Alliance endorsed Katherine Clark for the vacant State Rep. seat in the 32nd Middlesex Dis-trict (Melrose, parts of Wakefield). Clark has been Chair of the Melrose School Committee, and was endorsed by former Rep. Mike Festa and Attorney General Martha Coakley, for whom she was then working. “She also aced the Alliance questionairre”.[6]

DSA endorsement

In 2010, Katherine Clark, running for Massachusetts State Senate ,Middlesex and Essex, was included in a list of the mainly Massachusetts candidates endorsed by the Boston Democratic Socialists of America, published in the The Yankee Radical:[7][8]

Rep. Katherine Clark is running for the open seat in being vacated by Richard Tisei. Elected to the House in 2008, she has made her colleagues focus on making the funding formula for public schools fair to all communities. Katherine has been named Legislator of the Year by Citizens for Public Schools.

Progressive “vetting”

On September 12 2013, eight progressive organizations including Democratic Socialists of America hosted a forum with five Democratic Party candidates, including Katherine Clark, to fill new Senator, Ed Markey’s seat in Congress.

Our goal is to give Massachusetts’ voters a better understanding of the differences between the five candidates and their positions on important issues to these groups.

Forum Part 1 The questions in this first segment are on the environment and climate change, the Citizens United decision and fair elections, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s “Back to Work” budget. Forum Part 2 The questions in this second segment are on income inequality, military spending, the Syria crisis and Iran, and the Israeli settlements in Palestine. Forum Part 3 The questions in this third and final segment are on women’s rights and reproductive rights, and how to be an effective progressive in Congress.

The forum was sponsored by: 350 MassachusettsBetter Future ProjectDemocratic Socialists of AmericaMassachusetts Peace Action, Greater Boston Move to AmendNational Organization for WomenProgressive Democrats of AmericaProgressive Democrats of Massachusetts. The forum moderator was Jordan Berg Powers of Mass Alliance.[9]


Author and Investigative Researcher Trevor Loudon Tours MA

October 14, 2013 in Congress, Constitutional, Elizabeth Warren, Freedom, Liberty, MA Political Machine, Our Dear Leader, President Obama, Progressivism, Socialism, Trevor Loudon, United States Sovereignty, Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?

Trevor Pic1You only have 3 more chances to listen to Trevor Loudon in the Boston Region, of whom Glenn said about his first book Barack OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN,

“Trevor Loudon does the job that few in the media ever even attempt. This eye-opening book is proof that one person really can make a difference, especially when they have no agenda other than finding the truth”

Trevor’s just released sequel  THE ENEMIES WITHIN, sequel’s research   is even more explosive.

Have you been wondering who Barack Hussein Obama is? Who his mentors were? Who his political allies are? Who his advisers are? Would you like to hear insights into Obama’s secretive early childhood through College his career? Who the power brokers are behind his “Throne”.  Have you wondered about the relationships our Senators and some of our Congressmen have with Socialist  and  Socialist organizations?

Would you be surprised to learn that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Obama’s first mentor was an avowed Communist who was being kept under constant surveillance by the FBI, as a suspected spy?

Would you also shocked to learn that Barry surrounded himself with an extensive group of “radicals, marxists, communists, and Americans who have joined together in a coordinated effort to overthrow capitalism and the Republic of the United States of America.”

Would you like to hear the unedited, impartial, unbiased and unedited truth about Barry?

Then you need to attend one of Trevor Loudon’s MA Book Signing Tours’s where he will give a synopsis of research contained in his new book, “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress”.

Trevor Loudon’s just released “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” is like no other book written on American politics.

The book is designed to expose, in layman’s terms, the comprehensive communist, socialist and extreme progressive infiltration of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. Of special interest to Massachusetts residents, “The Enemies Within” profiles Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey as well as Representatives Mike Capuano, Jim McGovern and John Tierney.

“The Enemies Within” profiles fourteen Senators and more than fifty Representatives and Their ties to Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, and The Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations.

Ever wondered why the US Congress has moved further and further left over your lifetime, even while much of the electorate has become more and more conservative? Why government regulation and taxes have exponentially increased, even though most Americans still oppose Big Government?

“The Enemies Within” is designed to show American voters exactly how modern communism works and how it impacts on your life, every single day. Just how do the communists win big on things like Obamacare and immigration “reform,” which go completely against the wishes of the American people?

“The Enemies Within” names names and takes no prisoners. If you want to know exactly who is tearing your country down, this is a MUST READ.

“The Enemies Within” was officially released on August 20, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Attendees at these events will be able to purchase copies of “The Enemies Within” and have them signed by Mr. Loudon. All events are free and open to the public, however seating is limited

Trevor is an activist and political researcher from Christchurch New Zealand. He believes in freedom with responsibility, not freedom from responsibility. His ideal society is one in which government is confined to protecting its citizens from criminals and external enemies and he believes in working with all those who are moving in broadly the same direction. Trevor is also the founder and editor of, a rapidly growing website with the goal of unlocking the covert side of U.S. and Global politics.

The MA Venues and Dates are as Folows:

Tuesday October 15

Time: 7:00 pm – Whatever
Plymouth Rock Cape and The Islands TP
Olivieras Restaurant
300 Center St Pembroke, MA 02359
Olivieras TEL: 781-294-4700
Contact: Louis Carpenito
781.828.7557 M

Thursday October 17

Mass Tea Party
6:30 pm – Whatever
Park Restaurant & Spirits
257 Park Avenue
Worcester, MA 01609
Park Tel # (508) 756-7995
Contact: Rich Howell
413.539.3812 M

Friday October 18

Pioneer Valley TP
6:30 – whatever
Anchor House (Formally Abruzzo’s)
2589 Boston Rd
Wilbraham MA 01095
Contact: Rich Howell
413.539.3812 M

Saturday October 19

Upper Cape Tea Party
6:30 – Whatever
Falmouth Library (Hermann Meeting Room)
300 Main Street
Falmouth MA 02540
Contact: Mark Alliegro

More Massive Government Entitlement Fraud…Yawn!

February 12, 2013 in Abuse of Power, Deval Patrick, Food Stamp, Fraud, MA, MA Political Machine, Our Dear Leader, Political Machine, President Obama, Redistribution of Wealth, Socialism, Taxachusetts, Welfare, Welfare Fraud, White House Fraud

liquor1What does MA and the Federal Government have in common? The answer is Massive Entitlement Fraud.  The well oiled Progressive Deval Patrick Entitlement machine knows that votes cost and what is better than purchasing votes with Other Peoples Money, or  OPM. Deval is following our Dear Leader in the White House’s lead in insuring that reforms are blocked and vetoed lest they interfere with the quid pro quo  of votes for entitlements.  “According to the Boston Herald, which first reported the veto, the governor berated the legislature’s stab at banning the purchase of specific items like manicures, tattoos, guns, porn, body piercings, jewelry, and bail by saying the move was political grandstanding” at a time when such reforms are already on track elsewhere.

Recently, EBT Fraud beagle,  Shauna O’Connell R Taunton,  reported that the  number of missing  EBT Card cheats had risen  from 17,000 a couple of months ago to 47,000 after an internal investigation.  If we assume that the 47,000 received the average family monthly stipend of $456,  then a measly $257.2M in fraud was skimmed from MA taxpayers.

“Although selling food stamps, known as trafficking, is a federal offense, Massachusetts remains one of the few states without a specific law allowing local authorities to investigate and prosecute retailers who traffic in food stamps. That loophole has made it difficult for local authorities to clamp down on retail traffickers, stores willing to pay recipients half the face value for every dollar they exchange.”

While Deval stonewalls and claims that Welfare Fraud enforcement is difficult at best,  ME has been ramping up its investigations and prosecutions and cracking down on  Welfare Fraud. “[ME]Department of Health and Human Service investigators are better trained. Local police are assisting on more cases. And state prosecutors are devoting more time and resources to putting behind bars people who rip off taxpayers’ money.”

At the Federal level, Our Dear Leader has been ramping up the “Obamaphone” giveaways. While we can’t place the blame on Obama for initiating the program, hats off to Bush 43 for initiating this technological welfare fraud program. In 2008,  $819 Million  was collected from a  tax imposed on every land line telephone subscriber’s bill.  Just another SMART Growth use of   OPM to pay for FRAUD. Last year, since it was a presidential re-election year, Our Dear Leader accelerated the  “Obamaphone Smart Growth” program so that a mere $2.2 Billion was confiscated from “producers”. By the way,  we lucked out. Only “… 41% of their more than six million”  “Obamaphone”  recipients turned out to be fraudulently obtained.

The Wall Street Journal,

Updated February 11, 2013, 9:51 p.m. ET

Millions Improperly Claimed U.S. Phone Subsidies


The U.S. government spent about $2.2 billion last year to provide phones to low-income Americans, but a Wall Street Journal review of the program shows that a large number of those who received the phones haven’t proved they are eligible to receive them.

The Lifeline program—begun in 1984 to ensure that poor people aren’t cut off from jobs, families and emergency services—is funded by charges that appear on the monthly bills of every landline and wireless-phone customer. Payouts under the program have shot up from $819 million in 2008, as more wireless carriers have persuaded regulators to let them offer the service.

Suspecting that many of the new subscribers were ineligible, the Federal Communications Commission tightened the rules last year and required carriers to verify that existing subscribers were eligible. The agency estimated 15% of users would be weeded out, but far more were dropped.


A review of five top recipients of Lifeline support conducted by the FCC for the Journal showed that 41% of their more than six million subscribers either couldn’t demonstrate their eligibility or didn’t respond to requests for certification.

The carriers—AT&T T -0.11% Inc.; Telrite Corp.; Tag Mobile USA; Verizon Communications VZ -0.07% Inc.; and the Virgin Mobile USA unit of Sprint NextelCorp. S +0.35% —accounted for 34% of total Lifeline subscribers last May. Two of the other largest providers, TracFone Wireless Inc. and Nexus Communications Inc., asked the FCC to keep their counts confidential. Results for the full program weren’t available.

The program is open to people who meet federal poverty guidelines or are on food stamps, Medicaid or other assistance programs, and only one Lifeline subscriber is allowed per household.

The program, which is administered by the nonprofit Universal Service Administrative Co., has grown rapidly as wireless carriers persuaded regulators to let people use the program for cellphone service. It pays carriers $9.25 a customer per month toward free or discounted wireless service.

Americans pay an average of $2.50 a month per household to fund a number of subsidized communications programs, including Lifeline.

For the carriers, the program is a chance for them to sign up more subscribers and make a small profit, plus more money if customers go over their small initial allotment and need to buy more minutes or text messages. Carriers can set prices for their Lifeline subscribers as the companies wish.

Until last year, FCC rules didn’t require carriers to certify to the FCC that subscribers were eligible. Consumers could self-certify, and in many states documentation wasn’t required.

Carriers said many of the disqualified subscribers simply didn’t reply when asked to prove their eligibility. They also said the FCC rules on self-certification, and the absence of a national database of participants, made it hard to keep ineligible people from signing up.

The FCC said it is investigating allegations that some Lifeline providers violated the rules, though it declined to comment on that probe. Carriers that don’t properly confirm eligibility can be fined up to $150,000 for each violation for each day of a continuing violation, up to a maximum of $1.5 million. In egregious cases, a carrier could lose its ability to participate in the program.

Telrite said it confirms Lifeline eligibility but said it had been difficult to verify the one-phone-per-household rule.

A Verizon spokesman said the “vast majority” of the subscribers removed from its rolls didn’t respond to eligibility checks. While Sprint found that some of its subscribers were no longer eligible, it, too, found that many others didn’t respond, a person familiar with the carrier’s operations said.

AT&T hadn’t detected the ineligible subscribers because customers self-certified under old rules and because some states required the company to provide Lifeline service to people enrolled in certain state assistance programs, according to a person familiar with the company’s thinking.

Tag Mobile didn’t respond to requests for comment.

TracFone Chief Executive F.J. Pollak declined to say how many customers his company shed. Nexus Communications didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Two years ago General Communication Inc. GNCMA +0.37% paid more than $1.5 million to settle allegations that Alaska DigiTel LLC, an Alaskan company it owns, submitted false claims to the FCC for more than four years. General Communication said the alleged misuse occurred before the company took day-to-day control of Alaska DigiTel.

Lifeline users have been a source of subscriber growth in the otherwise saturated U.S. market and helped fuel the expansion of companies like TracFone, now the fifth-largest U.S. wireless carrier.

The FCC until last year allowed consumers to self-certify, without requiring documentation, that they met federal poverty guidelines. Subscribers didn’t have to recertify once they were enrolled in the program, and there were few checks on whether households signed up for more than one cellphone.

“The program rules we inherited were designed for the age of the rotary phone and failed to protect the program from abuse,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said.

The agency pushed through new rules last year, requiring documentation when a Lifeline customer signs up. Consumers also must certify that no one else in their households is using the program. Carriers now have to check a state or federal social-service database to confirm eligibility and must reverify eligibility every year.

Carriers were required by Jan. 31 to report the number of subscribers they had removed from Lifeline as of the end of last year. The data reviewed by The Wall Street Journal came from those reports.

The FCC said new verification procedures saved nearly $214 million last year, and projected total savings over the next three years would reach $2 billion. Disbursements under the program began to drop in the third quarter after 12 consecutive quarters of increases.

Write to Spencer E. Ante at

A version of this article appeared February 12, 2013, on page A1 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Millions Improperly Claimed U.S. Phone Subsidies.


Rampant EBT Welfare Fraud Ignored by Gov. Patrick So as to not Alienate His Illicit Voter Base

January 7, 2013 in Deval Patrick, MA, MA Political Machine, Politics, Voter Fraud, Welfare, Welfare Fraud

We  have recently learned that Gov. Patrick’s Department of Transitional  Assistance (DTA) sent out voter registration letters to 500,000 welfare recipients in early August 2012. The DTA likely only provided a limited legal defense against the lawsuit pushed thru by Elizabeth Warren’s daughter, in association with New England United for Justice, whose purpose was to register welfare recipients at government expense.New England United for Justice  is a reconstituted offshoot of the now defunct corrupt voter manipulation group, Association of Community Organizers for Reform otherwise known as ACORN.

As a result of the the taxpayer supported Democrat welfare voter registration drive, 19,000 letters were returned as undeliverable.  The cunning Deval  and DTS did not broach the subject either during or after the election. Neither would they release the information when the Herald learned of the deception and originally requested the information.  It took a Freedom of Information Request from the Herald to uncover the fraud. Deval  attempted to skirt disclosure of the EBT Welfare fraud and  Stonewall the public’s right to know, in order to  protect a  vital Democrat State party voting bloc.  These 19,000 welfare cheats  are  continuing to receive illicit benefits because Deval says that DTS  doesn’t have the means  to track or to stop the payments.

Just these  19,000 welfare cheats alone account for about 1/5 of our states mid -year 2013 Deficit.

Shaunna O'Connel

Had enough yet? You can do something about this if you call your Senators, Representatives and especially the Governor’s office and tell them you want REAL  EBT Welfare Reform and want them to pass Representative Shaunna O’Connell’s (R-Tauton) EBT Reform Bill, which she has once again filed this month.


You can’t ‘scrub’ up EBT mess with a dirty rag

Jan 6, 2013
By   Howie Carr / Boston Herald

Another day, another 19,000 anecdotes.

Anecdote — that’s Gov. Deval Patrick’s favorite word to describe any scandal involving EBT cards and his constituents. It doesn’t matter how solid the information is, how many law-enforcement agencies are involved in the takedown, he always shrugs off the latest rip-off of the taxpayers.


And now he’s looking at another 19,000 of them — that 4 percent of the welfare community that the Department of Transitional Assistance (a name that grows ever more preposterous) could not locate.

Those 19,000 MIA’s collect — based on an average of $400 a month — $91 million a year. That’s the estimate of Rep. Shauna O’Connell (R-Taunton). But the governor Friday went into his best pooh-pooh mode.

“That may not be indicative of a problem,” he said with a straight face. “We’ll know when we do the scrubbing.”

Scrubbing? More like a sponge bath would be my guess. This is a program that needs a good cold shower. But the governor, himself a former welfare recipient, recommends … nothing, basically. Call it professional courtesy.

Let’s not forget how the “scrubbing” began. Granny Warren’s daughter filed a lawsuit claiming the DTA hadn’t been proactive enough in registering the state’s assorted loafers and layabouts to vote for her carpetbagging fake-Indian mom. Then — bingo, the hacks located $274,000 for mailings, complete with post-paid envelopes for the gimme girls and guys to send back their voter registrations.

Have you ever gotten a post-paid envelope from the commonwealth? No, I didn’t think so. They’re not for taxpayers, just for the non-working classes to take part in a Democratic voter-registration drive.

The Patrick administration has known about these appalling EBT numbers for months now. They were only released after this newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Which is the same way it was revealed that Lt. Gov. Tim Murray was doing 108 mph when he mysteriously crashed his state vehicle in November 2011.

So much for transparency at the State House.

It takes months for a law-abiding citizen to get a gun permit in this state. But if you sign up for welfare with a fake name or address, no problemo. Nobody ever checks up, apparently.

When Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York in 1993, he insisted that all welfare recipients show up in person to renew their applications. A quarter of the “recipients” never appeared. It’s hard to respond to a letter if you don’t really exist.

I know, that’s just an “anecdote.” So here’s one more. Years ago when the transit cops in New York and New Jersey started busting fare-jumpers, they made an astounding discovery. A quarter — there’s that number again — of those arrested were carrying welfare cards from both New York and New Jersey. In other words, they were collecting in two states.

And now the Mass. welfare rolls will get a “scrubbing” — wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Here’s what really matters to Deval and his gang of plunderers. On Thursday, as soon as the successor to the outgoing watchdog of the Governor’s Council, Mary-Ellen Manning, was sworn in, the governor nominated Mary Beth Heffernan for a judgeship.

Yes, that Mary Beth Heffernan, probably the worst public-safety secretary in state history. Too incompetent to properly broom Tim Murray’s auto accident or Annie Dookhan or the Sheila Burgess bad-driving fiasco, so they give her early retirement on the bench for $130,000 a year.

Taking care of dodgy old hacks, that’s what Deval et al. are about, not cleaning up the disaster that is the welfare state.

By the way, I still haven’t heard back from Deval on my generous offer to provide him with one hour per month on my radio talk show to explain how wonderful he and his administration are.

Governor, the offer stands.

Suggested first topic: scrubbing.

When You Are a Bumbling Incompetent MA Democrat “Do Bee” and Resign What’s Your Next Job?

January 5, 2013 in Abuse of Power, Deval Patrick, Government, Immigration, MA, MA Political Machine, Political Incompetence

If you were to ask Mary Beth Heffernan who resigned before being fired for malfeasance as Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety, she would say a bump Up to a Judgeship.

HeffernanHerffernan fronted Governor Patrick ‘s anti-Secure Communities hearings around the state in an attempt to provide political cover for the hi decision to re-neg on a campaign promise to implement the program. Push back from the Illegal Alien community placed his administration in jeopardy of  angering them and losing their votes! 

The first hearing was not advertised to the general public and Leftist organizations like the ACLU and the Socialist Party dominated the hearing. By the second hearing, outraged MA citizens testified about their experiences with Illegal Criminal Aliens.  The pro-Secure Communities crowd dominated subsequent hearings so well that Heffernan cancelled several hearings. Her appearance at these hearings were marked by readily apparent unskilled, bumbling and incompetence.

In June 2011 Governor Patrick, of course despite the overwhelming and competent testimony by Pro Secure Communities advocates ,  reneged on his promise of early implementation.

Folks, despite  Heffernan’s bubbling incompetence, a single Republican Lawmaker has come to her defense to make the appointment appear bipartisan, namely, Rep. Daniel B. Winslow of the 9th Norfolk.

According tho the Boston Herald, Heffernan has donated the prescribed political contributions to assure her new appointment! ”

Departing Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan — given a nod by Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday as someone who’d make a “great judge” — has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns over the years, campaign finance records show.

Heffernan has contributed $875 to Gov. Deval Patrick and $525 to Lt. Gov. Tim Murray. She has also written checks for former House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, current House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, Senate President Therese Murray and the Democratic State Committee.”


Patrick backs former public safety head as district judge

By Stephanie Ebbert


Governor Deval Patrick nominated his outgoing public safety director to become a district court judge Friday, just weeks after she announced her resignation from his administration amid controversy.

In a news conference, Patrick lauded Mary Beth Heffernan’s work as secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety, her longtime record as a prosecutor, and her temperament.

“She has, I think, really just the right touch for the district court, which is a neighborhood court; it’s very people-oriented,” the governor said, pointing out that her father was also a judge. “It’s something I know she’s had an ambition to do for a long, long time.”

Heffernan, the state’s public safety secretary since 2010, was one of several Cabinet members who stepped down in mid-December as Patrick ­entered the final two years of his second term. Patrick told reporters that no one was being forced out.

But Heffernan had been embroiled in the controversy surrounding Sheila Burgess, the state’s highway safety ­director, after the Globe reported in November that she had been hired by Heffernan and others in 2007 despite a lengthy driving record that included six crashes and several speeding violations. Heffernan, who was under­secretary at the time of the hiring, acknowledged that Burgess, a longtime Democratic consultant and fund-raiser, should not have won the post.

The governor, when asked about the hiring controversy Friday, told reporters it was “an embarrassment, no doubt about it.” However, he sought to distance Heffernan from it by adding, “She did a great job in her role.”

Some backers, including a prominent Republican, lauded Heffernan’s longtime public service and work as a lawyer and said her work for the ­Patrick administration should not ­exclude her from service.

“Having a role in public life should never be the sole reason that somebody achieves appointment to the bench, but it never should be a bar,” said state Representative Daniel B. Winslow, a Norfolk Republican and former judge who worked with Heffernan on her criminal justice commission and praised her work and good regard in the legal community.

“Certainly the confirmation process is the opportunity for appropriate inquiry to be made of questions anyone has — including the Burgess situation,” Winslow added. “I would fully expect governor’s councilors to embrace their roles as vetting agents.”

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Republican Party, however, immediately issued a derisive statement about the nomination.

“Let’s hope she is a more competent judge than she was at running the Department of Public Safety, where she was ­responsible for hiring a reckless driver as highway safety chief,” GOP spokesman Tim Buckley said.

State Representative Eugene O’Flaherty, a Charlestown ­Democrat who until recently chaired the Legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary, called ­Heffernan courteous and professional and said she “took her role very seriously.”

O’Flaherty said he did not know enough about the controversy to comment.

“But in terms of what is ­required to be on the bench and to be a good judge, the qualities I think are important for that position in terms of temperament and judgment, I think that she is overflowing with those qualities,” he said.

As public safety secretary, Heffernan was responsible for policy and budget oversight of agencies, programs, and boards that work in crime prevention and homeland security. She previously worked in the executive office as undersecretary of criminal justice, supervising the Department of Correction, Sex Offender Registry, and ­Parole Board, and working as a liasion to county sheriffs.

She previously was an assistant district attorney for ­Middlesex County; executive ­director of the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association; associate general counsel and director of intergovernmental and regulatory affairs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; and corporate director of government relations for ­CareGroup Health Care Systems.

The Governor’s Council, an elected, eight-member panel that reviews judicial appointments, has been increasingly active in recent years in pushing back against the governor’s nominations. Last year, it was deadlocked on the nomination of Michael J. McCarthy, a lawyer, to become a district judge.

But yesterday, Patrick nominated him again. McCarthy, a private practitioner since 1989, had previously served as city ­solicitor in Pittsfield and as a prosecutor in Berkshire County and Portland, Maine. A resident of Pittsfield, he is a graduate of Assumption College and University of Maine Law School, the governor’s office said.

The governor also tapped an up-and-coming Democrat Friday to become his communications director. Jesse Mermell, a Brookline selectwoman and party activist, previously served as a vice president of external affairs for the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and as executive director of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus.

Mermell issued a statement calling it an honor to be part of Patrick’s team and noting that she will resign from her selectwoman’s job this month.

Glen Johnson of the Globe staff ontributed to this report. Stephanie Ebbert can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @StephanieEbbert.