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               – Mark Fisher May 8, 2014

David-And-Goliath-550x711As the MA GOP moves to silence Conservative voices like Mark Fisher in the Commonwealth, Jeff Kuhner in an exclusive interview with Mark brought in a paid party consultant into the dialogue,  who attacked Mark viscously and uncontrollably in support of a GOP runner and mutual  acquaintance who from all accounts was an unwitting pawn in the alleged pay off scheme. A person that that Mark consistently stated was nothing more than a messenger. In  her attempt to discredit Mark Fisher and thereby his allegations, Holly Robichaud,  continuously overspoke Mark  and wouldn’t allow him  to get a word edgewise. Jeff had to repeatedly asked her to be “Fair”. Not once during the entire interview did Jeff bother to broach any of the disturbing MassGOP Convention irregularities and probable illegalities that go directly to the credibility of the hierarchy in control of the MassGOP. Meanwhile, the conversation has moved away from disenfranchising  convention delegate’s vote’s, to personal attacks on Mark to discredit him and his Conservative with a capital C, messaging hat sought to have the Convention ballots unsealed so that his unfair and  possible illegal election ordeal would not be perpetrated against any future GOP Candidate. “There’s no question that they’re on a mission to keep Fisher off the ballot,” said Richard Howell, a delegate from Wilbraham. “What you’re looking at is the fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party,” Howell added. “They don’t want Tea Party people. . . . They want that old country club progressive . . . half-Democrat-half-Republican that we’ve been running since the Bill Weld days.” – Boston Globe March 28 Steve Zykofsky, a longtime state committee member and chairman of the rules committee that developed the regulations for the GOP convention, said blank ballots should not have been counted in the final tally of votes that delegates cast to decide which candidates can run for governor. “I don’t think the rules were followed precisely,’’ said Stephen Zykofsky, a strong Baker supporter who is also a veteran state committeeman and an authority on party rules. “You have to follow the rules, and, from what I saw, Mr. Fisher received more than 15 percent of the vote.” “Separately, another Republican volunteer filed an anonymous complaint with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance, alleging that a paid GOP staff member had been working directly for Baker’s campaign for months, when he still faced a challenge from Fisher. The party’s bylaws prohibit the GOP from helping a particular candidate if another Republican is in the race. The complainant, who spoke with the Globe but refused to identify himself, said that he was motivated by a sense of fairness for Fisher, rather than by an allegiance to him. “If you’re unfair, people rally to an underdog,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you agree with him or not.” His complaint to the Political Finance Office indicate that the GOP aide, Ryan Coleman, was paid by the state party’s federal account since last fall. But e-mails included in the complaint show that Coleman had a Baker campaign e-mail address, a phone line at Baker headquarters, and held the official title of political director. Baker campaign manager Jim Conroy maintained that Coleman had been working for the campaign only as a contractor before Baker became the party nominee in March. “Ryan Coleman has worked for the campaign first as a contractor and later as an employee,” Conroy said. “His engagement with the campaign has been transparent and publicly reported, as is the case with all campaign expenditures.” The Baker campaign, however, shows no payments to Coleman as a contractor when he was being paid by the state party. – Boston Globe May 4th

Why was the MassGOP forced to put Mark Fisher on the ballot and why must they now discredit his candidacy? Perhaps the following letter from Mark Fisher’s attorney to the Mass GOP, explains…why!

April 13, 2014 General Counsel Massachusetts Republican State Committee 85 Merrimac Street – Suit 400 Boston, MA 02114 Re: Fisher v. Mass. Republican Party et al Suffolk Superior Court C.A.14-1072A Dear General Counsel: I represent Mark Fisher in the above referenced lawsuit against the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, Chairman Kirsten Hughes and Executive Director Robert Cunningham. This concerns what occurred at the Massachusetts Republican State Convention on March 22, 2014. I send this letter to you via the Defendants’ attorney and in compliance with Rule 9.3 of the Rules of the 2014 Massachusetts Republican State Convention. Rule 9.3 provides as follows: “Legal Issues. Any legal issues arising in connection with the Convention shall be referred to the General Counsel of the State Committee.” From Mr. Fisher’s perspective, there are multiple legal issues that arose at the Convention. In this regard, I enclose three affidavits for your review which have been filed with the court. These are: Affidavit of Spencer Kimball, Second Affidavit of Spencer Kimball, and Affidavit of Deborah McCarthy. The first legal issue is whether it was appropriate to include blanks in the final vote count. Mr. Fisher’s representatives were told by Mr. Cunningham on the day prior to the convention that they would not be counted. Convention Rule 11 states: “The Party Chair shall determine the method and order of voting for each vote or election during the Convention.” The Defendants might argue that Rule 11 could be interpreted to mean that Ms. Hughes, the Party Chair, determined whether blanks were to be included in the final vote count. That would seem to be a stretch of an interpretation. Whether blanks were to be included in the final vote count can hardly be considered part of the “method and order of voting.” Regardless, Ms. Hughes was quoted by the news media as saying that blanks do not get counted. Subsequent to the convention, State Committee Member Steven Zykofsky, the Chairman of the Rules Committee, who developed the Convention Rules, also stated unequivocally to the news media that blanks should not have been counted in the final tally of votes in determining whether a candidate received 15% of the votes. Yet, 64 blanks were counted in the final vote count. Because of them, Mr. Fisher was prevented from obtaining the 15% Convention vote which would have permitted him, pursuant to Rule 6.1, to have his name on the gubernatorial Republican primary ballot in September. Mr. Fisher’s position is that the blanks should not have been counted in the final vote. Mr. Fisher’s representative, Spencer Kimball, made numerous timely objections to the appropriate authorities at the Convention in this regard. The Convention Rules are silent on the issue of the blanks. But Rule 23 provides, in part: “Parliamentary Authority. The parliamentary authority for the Convention in any and all matters not covered by these Rules shall be the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.” In the Robert’s Rules of Order section on voting, Article VIII, section 46, states in part: “When a quorum is present, a majority vote, that is a majority of the votes cast, ignoring blanks, is sufficient for the adoption of the motion……;” “All blanks are ignored as simply waste paper, and are not reported….;” “In reporting the number of votes cast and the number necessary for election, all votes except blanks must be counted.” Moreover, nowhere in Robert’s Rules of Order does it say that there are occasions when blanks should be counted toward the total vote. The reference to Roberts Rules of Order would seem to resolve the issue. Blanks should not have been counted. And Convention Rule 17 would appear to provide additional evidence that blanks should not have been counted. That rule states: “Disqualified Votes. A vote cast for any ineligible candidate or for any candidate who was not nominated and seconded in accordance with these Rules, or for any candidate who is removed from further consideration in accordance with these Rules, shall not be considered as a vote cast by a delegate present and voting, and shall not be included in determining the whole number of votes cast for any purpose of these Rules.” Rule 17 shows that when a voter indicates no intent to vote for an eligible candidate, then that vote is not to be used in determining the whole number of votes cast. It follows that voting “blank,” which similarly indicates no intent to vote for an eligible candidate, should also not be used in determining the whole number of votes cast. The second legal issue regards whether blank votes were improperly counted for those delegates who were not present at the time of the voting. The roll call vote, broadcast throughout the Convention hall, showed that there were 2,095 votes for Charlie Baker, 376 votes for Mark Fisher and 10 blank votes. Subsequently, in the back room, where the tally sheets were being reviewed, it became evident that two different districts had mistakenly included blank votes for delegates who had not been present at the Convention. In the first instance, one tally sheet stated right on it that the blanks were for those who were not present. In the second instance, State Representative Vincent DeMacedo stated that he included blank votes for delegates who were not present because he thought that was what was supposed to be done. Rule 11 states, in part, “There shall be no voting by proxy…” and both Rule 16 and Rule 17 refer to delegates “present and voting.” The parliamentarian properly excluded those blanks as votes at Mr. Kimball’s request and over Attorney Vincent DeVito’s objections. But, among all the tally sheets, those were the only ones that Kimball was ever permitted to see. Those incidents were red flags indicating that there was some confusion among district representatives about the proper accounting of blanks. Accordingly, Republican officials overseeing the election should have been wary of additional problems in that regard. Yet, when the final counting of the tally sheets showed that Baker received 2,095 votes, Fisher received 374 votes, and there were 64 blanks – 54 more blanks than was stated in the roll call vote – alarm bells should have gone off. Monitors, and possibly delegates, should have been called in and questioned regarding the blanks. Certainly, despite Mr. DeVito’s objections, Mr. Kimball’s reasonable request to see the paperwork which was the source of the 54 additional blank votes should have been honored. But it was not. The vote was not by secret ballot so there is no apparent reason why Mr. Kimball’s request was denied. Fisher’s position is that, under the circumstances, the Republican State Committee officials overseeing the election should have allowed Kimball to inspect the documentation that was the source of the 54 additional blank votes. The third legal issue concerns Kimball’s request for a re-count or reconsideration. At the time he was first informed of the final vote count, which showed that there were 54 more blanks than there were in the roll call vote, the convention had already closed. When he then asked for a re-count or reconsideration, the parliamentarian denied his request, stating that a recount or reconsideration required a 2/3 vote of the delegates present and that was impossible because the convention had already closed. Rule 21 provides, in part: “No vote shall be reconsidered during the Convention except after the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the delegates present and voting upon a motion for reconsideration of the vote.” Kimball was not provided the opportunity to have the Convention consider his request for a recount because when he was told of the final vote count, the Convention had already closed. The Republican State Committee’s closing of the convention before informing Kimball, Fisher’s representative, of the vote total, and thus effectively preventing him from seeking a reconsideration of the vote, was a violation of the Convention Rules. The fourth legal issue regards chain of custody. According to Debora McCarthy’s affidavit, tally sheets were taken off the convention floor during the voting. Mr. Kimball registered timely objections regarding this and requested that another vote be taken from that district. His reasonable request was denied. The fifth issue pertains to the activities of Attorney Vincent DeVito at the Convention and whether they were legal. He was sitting on stage during the Convention and during Fisher’s speech and appeared to be a neutral Republican Party official. It was known that he was General Counsel of the Republican State Committee and may have still been so on the day of the Convention. Yet later that day, in the back room, he was making objections on behalf of the Charlie Baker campaign. Mr. DeVito is now an employee of the Baker campaign and perhaps he was so on the day of the Convention. It is true that Mr. DeVito announced himself as a Baker representative when he first entered the back room, but an investigation should be undertaken regarding his conduct. Was he earlier involved in making any legal rulings? Did he participate in transferring the tally sheets to the back room? When was he first hired by the Baker campaign? Was he a paid employee of the Baker campaign on the day of the Convention? A sixth legal issue concerns the timing of the Republican State Committee’s decision to use blanks in the final count. If the Executive Director thought they would not be used in the final vote tally, and if the Chairman thought they would not be used, then who made the decision to count them? And when was that decision made? And what was the authority for that decision? Was Mr. DeVito, as an official of the Massachusetts State Republican Party, involved in that decision? Or, was he involved in that decision as an employee of the Baker campaign? An investigation should be conducted in this regard. In sum, Mr. Fisher’s position is as follows: 1. The vote was invalid because blanks were included in the total vote count when they should not have been. There was no rule that authorized it and Robert’s Rules of Order prohibits it. The State Committee did not follow its own rules. 2. The vote was invalid because delegates who were not present were counted as blanks. That would account for the huge differential between the roll call vote and the count from the final review. By counting as blank votes those delegates who were not present at the convention, the State Committee again did not follow its own rules. 3. The vote was invalid because the Fisher was effectively deprived of his right under Convention Rule to seek a reconsideration of the vote under Rule 21. This was yet another instance of the State Committee not following its own rules. 4. The vote was invalid because proper chain of custody procedures were violated. 5. The vote was invalid because of Attorney DeVito’s involvement in the process. 6. The vote was invalid because the decision to use blanks in the vote total was not timely announced to Fisher’s representatives and was contrary to what they had been told on the previous day. Article IX, Section 1, of the Bylaws of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee states: “The State Committee shall have final approval of all matters relating to the conduct of the convention.” Based on that provision, it is clear that the Massachusetts Republican State Committee is authorized to take corrective measures regarding the vote. In addition, the counting of the votes which, in violation of the Convention Rules, improperly included blanks in the total vote count, was still occurring after the Convention closed. Thus, the counting was not a part of the Convention’s activities. A new count can therefore now be taken without counting the blanks. Consequently, Mark Fisher requests that you counsel the State Committee that, because of multiple violations of its own rules, and/or because Mr. Fisher did obtain 15% or greater of the Convention vote pursuant to Rule 6.1, it should certify to the Secretary of State’s Office that Mark Fisher is entitled to have his name placed on statewide ballots in a Republican primary election for the office of Governor in September, 2014.. Please advise me, through Defendants’ counsel, of the intentions of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee regarding the issues raised in this letter. Thank you. Very truly yours, Thomas M. Harvey

It’s War – Media Jump On GOP Brawl – Boehner Attacks Overshadow Budget – Media Buzz Spotlight

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gopIt’s War – Media Jump On GOP Brawl – Boehner Attacks Overshadow Budget – Media Buzz  Spotlight


Time for Change in the MA-GOP

January 8, 2013 in Kieth Ablow for MA Senate, MA, MassGOP, Rick Green for MA-GOP Chair

Over the last several years the hierarchy of the MA-GOP believed that in order to win political races in the state they needed to move to the Left and ignore long standing Republican platform principles. As a consequence of those changes the last two GOP Chairs and their Executive leadership team have failed in its mission to elect Republicans to  State-wide  and Federal offices.  They have also failed to provide cohesive leadership throughout the state as and financial support. It is now  time to bring in fresh leadership and return to the principles embodied in the National Republican Platform which are derived from our founding documents. To this  end we ask that you consider electing Rick Green as MA-GOP Chair and Dr. Kieh Ablow for John Kerry’s Senate seat.

The MA-GOP Chair election will occur on Thursday January 31 at 7:00 PM  at the Crowne Plaza, 1360 Worcester Street, Natick. Your role is crucial to assuring that these changes are effected.   Your calls to the MA- GOP Committeeman and Committeewoman that you elected, on behalf of  Rick and Keith will go a long way towards  insuring  that a new and transparent leadership team will  mount the attack against the Democrat Political machine in MA.

Rick Green and family

Rick Green graduated from Cornell University, College of Engineering in 1992 and received his MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business in 2000. He was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey and lived in Massachusetts, California, Delaware and Oklahoma while his father served in the Air Force. His family returned to Massachusetts in 1984 and he graduated from North Middlesex Regional High School in 1988. During high school and in college, Rick played football and from an early age understood the value in team work. His parents raised him to respect others, work hard and never stop trying to achieve your goals.

Rick is married with two children and lives and works in Pepperell. He is an entrepreneur, who started his own small business with his brother while earning his MBA. After years of dedication, their business has grown to over $50 million in annual revenue, employs close to 100 people, is eBay’s largest seller of auto parts on eBay and one of the country’s largest online auto parts companies. On March 23, 2012, theBoston Business Journal wrote a story about Rick’s business and Rick explained how more can be done to attract jobs to our state. Rick knows how to build a Massachusetts business from scratch and how to create jobs.

In 2012, Rick was elected to serve as the Republican State Committeeman for the First Middlesex district which includes the communities of Lowell, Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, Tyngsborough and Westford.

More recently, Rick partnered with other fiscal conservatives who feel compelled to help our state become a better place for our children and grandchildren and became the Chairman of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. There, he honed his skills raising money, building coalitions and being an effective leader of an organization.

Rick speaks German and Mandarin Chinese. When he has free time, he enjoys running and outdoor activities. Rick is a member of the Pepperell Republican Town Committee and his brother is a member of the Board of Selectmen in Peppperell.

Keith Ablow (born November 23, 1961) is an American psychiatrist, expert witness, New York Times best-selling author of fiction and nonfiction, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts Medical School and television personality who hosted a national, daily syndicated talk show. Ablow maintains private practices in Newburyport and Manhattan New York. He is also a contributor on psychiatry for Fox News Channel.

Ablow’s wife, Deborah, is an attorney. Ablow was raised Jewish. He recently spoke at the Anti-Defamation League and was an invited guest at a dinner hosted by the American Jewish Committee. He has described his faith, however, as centering on “immeasurable and powerful spiritual and psychological forces that connect all of us—one to another.”

During May, 2011 Ablow launched Dr. Keith Ablow Life Coaching, offering a team of life coaches trained by him who are experts at applying the content of his books “Living the Truth: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Insight and Honesty” and “The 7: Seven Wonders that Will Change Your Life.”

In 2012, Dr. Ablow co-founded the New England Brain-Mind Institute, dedicated to bringing new scientific tools and technology to the treatment of psychiatric illness. He remains an ardent supporter of insight-oriented psychotherapy.

Kieth would be a formidable candidate but has stated that he would not run if either Scott Brown or Bill Weld run for the Senate seat. You will  need to encourage both of them to bow out, thus allowing Kieth to run!

Marriage battles, assisted suicide, GOP sellout‏

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 Re-Post of Email Updates from  MassResistances:POSTED: October 26, 2012

Hope for Change

 1. Battle against “Assisted Suicide”:Ballot question in Mass. goes into high gear. Large bi-partisan support for “NO” vote. Polls still lagging, but catching up.

2. In the four “gay marriage vote” states: Gay lobby and pro-gay donors spending millions in final weeks of campaign. But pro-marriage forces continue to fight hard.

3. More big money:National homosexual movement teams up with “conservative” GOP groups to elect radical gay activist Republican, Richard Tisei, to Congress in Mass.

4. Coming up this week . . .

1. Battle against “Assisted Suicide”: Ballot question in Mass. goes into high gear. Large bi-partisan support for “NO” vote. Polls still lagging, but catching up.

Momentum appears to be moving our way in the battle to defeat the “physician assisted suicide” ballot question in Massachusetts (Question 2) on Nov. 6. Recent polls generally have shown about a 60-40 lead for the “Yes” vote. But a barrage of well-honed “No on 2” television and radio commercials by the Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide has begun to hit the airwaves, and the sense is that it’s making a difference.

Television Ad “Pharmacist”:


Television Ad “Out of Control”:

`Radio spot “Doctors”

Presenting the facts changes minds on “assisted suicide”

Most people who have not heard much about Question 2 generally react on a “compassionate” emotional level. But when they are presented with the facts and arguments regarding the actual wording of the bill itself, and how that will affect them and others, they are quite likely to change their minds.

There are a couple of major points. As we’ve documented, the bill itself is very poorly written and is fraught with dangers. There is the subversion of the role of doctors from healers into killers. And there is the record of what actually happens when assisted suicide becomes legal (e.g., in Oregon or Switzerland), versus the “lore” presented by proponents.

Bringing the message directly to the people

We’re doing our part taking the message forward. On October 18, MassResistance’s Brian Camenker, also part of the ballot committee MassLifeWithDignity.org, spoke opposite a supporter of the measure at the League of Women Voters forum in Norwood.

It was an interesting comparison between the two approaches. As you can see in the video, the “yes” arguments are largely emotional and mostly supported by the liberal establishment and various medical activists. The “no” side is able to use the facts, including the problems with the text of the bill, the recent experiences in places where it exists, and the larger historical context. The “no” side is also widely supported by the medical profession.

VIDEO: The 5-minute speeches pro and con the “assisted suicide” question.At right: Brian Camenker makes a point.


The audience at the forum watches.

Liberal media not in the tank on this one!

The liberal media has been surprisingly reluctant to carry the water for this, even though it’s part of the traditional progressive agenda. Probably the most aggressive article we’ve seen was posted yesterday by The Atlantic. It hits this issue right between the eyes:

“Physician-Assisted Suicide is not Progressive” by Ira Byock, The Atlantic

What’s also interesting is that the Boston Globe — arguably the most liberal big-city paper in the country — has published considerable material opposed to the measure, far more than articles supporting it. Much of it is very well thought out and compelling.

For example, in the Boston Globe:

“Question 2 is deeply flawed” by Liz Walker (former TV anchorwoman)

“What about do no harm?” by Jeff Jacoby, Globe columnist.

“Jack Kevorkian comes to town” by Tom Keane (former Boston City Councilor)

But the battle of the polls still continues in the final stretch. Our sense is that the TV commercials are changing a lot of minds. Let’s hope it’s enough to make the difference on election day.

ACTION SUGGESTION: We guess that many voters will show up at the polls with no knowledge of Question 2. We think that holding a sign with a clear, brief message would have a big impact. Something like:
NO on Question 2 or Stop Assisted Suicide! or Doctors should NOT kill!

Do you like our work?

Help MassResistance continue to fight for you!

Help make our fall fundraising campaign successful.

GOAL: $100,000   Raised: $ 2,025   Donors: 42   Days: 9

2. In the four “gay marriage vote” states: Gay lobby and pro-gay donors spending millions in final weeks of campaign. But pro-marriage forces continue to fight hard.

On Nov. 6, four states — Maryland, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota — will be voting on “gay marriage.’

As expected, it’s become a battle against big money even more than in past years. As the final weeks of the election season roll by, the national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign (lavishly funded by corporate America) has been pouring $4.4 million into these races.

And earlier this week New York City’s billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he’s writing checks totaling $500,000 for this effort.

And this is just the latest rush of cash. On July 27, the New York Times reported that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, announced he was donating $2.5 million to push “gay marriage” in Washington’s upcoming referendum. The article also mentions that Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have already kicked in $100,000 each. And the list of other corporations — from Adobe Systems to Wells Fargo — is staggering.

(This also shows the strategic importance of homosexual activists’ efforts decades ago to insert non-discrimination clauses into corporate personnel policies. That mindset has taken over the top levels of corporate management.)

On our side, the National Organization for Marriage is spending approximately $2 million. And the Catholic Church, in states like Minnesota, is also raising several hundred thousand dollars. Many individual donors are helping out, as well.

But to our knowledge, Chick-fil-A has not contributed anything substantial to the pro-marriage effort this year, despite the huge outpouring of support from pro-marriage conservatives on the “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” back in August.

According to press reports, the most recent figures for the four states are (in millions of dollars):

  State MD ME MN WA
  “Gay marriage” $ 3.7 3.4 7.8 8.9
  Traditional marriage $ 0.8 0.4 2.0 1.7

Pro-family forces fighting hard

The pro-family forces in each of the four states are fighting back in their own way. Each state’s pro-family groups are struggling with funding, but are finding creative and effective ways to get the word out. In each state, MassResistance material is being used in the fight.

We’ve been very impressed with Preserve Marriage Washington, which seems to be leading the fight there. In particular, they have posted some campaign ads/videos on the marriage issue that are REALLY good. They are not afraid to “tell it like it is” regarding the effect of homosexuality on society. And they do it in a very well-crafted, compelling way. Several of their videos use material originally from MassResistance, including the David Parker issue. Some of the videos are produced by them, others are done by National Organization for Marriage or Family Research Council.

You can see the Preserve Marriage Washington list of videos HERE.

We’re glad that Preserve Marriage Washington is being bold. We’ve been generally critical of pro-marriage groups that are afraid to discuss the central issue of the “gay marriage” fight — homosexual behavior and the homosexual movement — and instead fall back on peripheral or less effective issues such as “every child needs a mother and a father.”

As a result of this and other activity in Washington, they are improving in the polls. As we write this, it is pretty much a statistical dead heat (after previously being pretty far behind). And this is after the huge cash inflow by the pro-gay executives listed above.

Maine update:

Just today, Protect Marriage Maine has produced a state-wide TV commercial featuring David and Tonia Parker and their infamous case here in Massachusetts, which MassResistance first reported on starting back in 2005. This case was used by the Maine people in the previous marriage fight there in 2009, and we’re pleased they’re bringing it up again.

TV AD: Protect Marriage Maine video of the David Parker case in Masssachusetts

Minnesota update:

This week MassResistance did a long interview with the State House bureau reporter representing dozens of Minnesota newspapers across the state, including Minneapolis and St. Paul. The subject was “What same-sex ‘marriage’ has done to Massachusetts.”

We’ll keep you informed as election gets closer.

3. More big money: National homosexual movement teams up with “conservative” GOP groups to elect radical gay activist Republican, Richard Tisei, to Congress in Mass.

Again, what’s happening in Massachusetts may soon be happening across the country.

Last week we reported that the national GOP establishment is pouring over a million dollars to elect Richard Tisei to Congress in Massachusetts. They have named Tisei as one of the select “conservative young guns” they want to focus their energies on to get elected.

We documented Tisei’s record: as a radical homosexual activist, dedicated to pushing “gay marriage” across the country; as pro-abortion (rated 100% by Planned Parenthood); as hostile to religious faith; as the only Republican to sponsor the “transgender rights” bill in the Mass. Senate; and the only Republican to vote against the state tax rollback in 2000.

Not exactly what one would consider “conservative.”

Big “gay” money coming in

Well, there’s more.

Who would ever imagine that the national homosexual movement would team up with GOP “conservative” stalwarts Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, and Speaker John Boehner? The infamous national PAC Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund has selected Tisei as one of its top candidates in the country for support. In addition, the pro-gay American Unity PAC has already spent over $500,000 for Tisei, according to the Associated Press. Adding to that, it’s likely that Tisei will get a good part of the $10 million that billionaire NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced he’s spending for pro-gay candidates.

Here in Massachusetts, this been buttressed by the Boston Globe and Boston Herald (both of which support “gay rights) which have both enthusiastically endorsed Tisei in their editorials.

As the Globe gushed in its lead editorial:“There’s longstanding evidence of Tisei’s willingness to defy his party and even public sentiment at key points; he voted against rolling back the state income tax from 5.3 percent to 5 percent because he didn’t think the state could afford to do so. He argues that, because he would be the only openly gay Republican to be elected to Congress, he would have a national profile of sorts. He would, and he should use it to press for tolerance and moderation among his fellow Republicans.”

The reaction among Massachusetts Republicans — very disturbing

We’d like to say that there’s been an uprising against how Mass. Republicans are being railroaded in the 6th District, particularly among conservatives.

But most of the people — and certainly all the GOP politicians — whom we talk to have pretty much abandoned their principles when it comes to the 2012 ballot box. And they basically believe Tisei’s slick TV ads saying he’ll “be a great representative for the 6th District.” The idea that “any Republican” must be elected seems to trump everything else. The voters may be pro-life and support traditional marriage, but they don’t actually intend to vote that way. The concept of blanking out a race on principle completely eludes almost all Massachusetts conservatives. It’s a sad and disturbing situation.

We even believe that as bad as the Democrat incumbent John Tierney is, Tisei will be worse because of the lasting impact he’ll have on the national Republican Party.

MassResistance bashed in homosexual press over Tisei

Not surprisingly, the homosexual press in Boston is having a conniption over MassResistance’s expose’ of Tisei. Leading the pack is Edge Boston which also supplies articles to other homosexual publications. Since MassResistance is the only pro-family group willing to confront this issue, we’re naturally an easy target for the vitriol of the homosexual lobby.

Last week Edge Boston published an article titled, “Ultra-Right Fights GOP for Helping Mass. Gay House Candidate” which vents their anger at us.

Interestingly, the charges against us are, well, true. For example, among their rants about MassResistance in the article:

MassResistance is trying to spread the word on Tisei’s “passionate support” for marriage equality. “He brags that he fought to make it ‘legal’ in Massachusetts,” the group’s website proclaims. “He believes it’s a civil right that must be granted across America.” The site also points out he appeared in a video made by MassEquality to promote gay marriage.

Yup, we’re guilty as charged. Of course, like so much in the homosexual press, the article plays the “dangerous religious right” card by labeling MassResistance director Brian Camenker as a “Christian conservative.” Well, not quite. Actually, Camenker is Jewish. But hey, it rounds out the article so well!

Take action!

Help us get to the bottom of this!

Since GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor (along with Paul Ryan) was the ringleader in setting up and selecting this so-called “conservative young guns” group, we tried calling his office for a clarification on just how Tisei was selected over so many better-qualified candidates around the country. We were finally told that Cantor’s “press person” would answer that for us. But despite numerous calls and emails, that “press person” doesn’t get back to us.

Maybe some of you will have better luck. If so, please let us know what she says:

Megan Whittemore, PR person for Congressman Eric Cantor
Phone: (202) 225-2815
Email: Megan.Whittemore@mail.house.gov

Good luck!

4. Coming up this week . . .

MONDAY (or Tuesday): Voter Guide for Massachusetts state races. Including the Legislature, Governor’s Council, and Congress. We do a voter guide like no one else does (and have for every election since 2002)! Even if you’re not from Massachusetts, you will find this interesting, to see the extent that the homosexual / transgender (and socialist) movement has infiltrated government here.

WEDNESDAY: Special update on $1m lawsuit against MassResistance and Brian Camenker — an important victory — and big setback for the homosexual activist (and convicted sex offender) who’s suing us.

And more!

If Republican Can Not Beat Obama With This Record Start New Party Says Laura Ingram – Sarah Palin Weigh in On O’riely

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If Republican Can Not Beat Obama With This Record Start New Party Says Laura Ingram
Sarah Palin Weigh in On O’riely

INGRAHAM: And I’ve said this time and again. If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new, with new people. Because this is a ‘gimme’ election, or at least it should be. And the millions of dollars, I keep going back to the millions and millions and millions of dollars that are paid to these political consultants. Election after election, we hire people who’ve lost previous campaigns. Who’ve run campaigns that have failed. Who have messaged campaigns where the message fell flat and they keep getting rehired. I don’t understand that.

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MassGOP Chair Bob Maginn and former Congressmen could face jailtime for political and financial corruption.

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On November 17th 2011, the Rabid Republican Blog http://rabidrepublicanblog.com/2011/11/17/robert-maginn%E2%80%99s-bribery-offer/ posted on Robert Maginn’s Bribray Offer and on December 30, 2011 they reported that the “Two Peters”, Former Congressman Peter Blute and  Peter Torkildsen  were hired as “Consultants” to Maginn’s,  firm Jenzabar.

These publicized blatant actions by Maginn gave rise to speculation that political corruption was afoot and calls were made for an investigation.

It would now appear that the ” …explosive Complaint filed in Suffolk Superior Court” could indeed result in jailtime or fines for all of the participants.


Government is instituted for the protection, safety, and happiness of the people

MassGOP Chair Bob Maginn and former Congressmen could face jailtime for political and financial corruption.

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In an explosive Complaint filed in Suffolk Superior Court that could not only take down the current MassGOP Chairman, the current MassGOP Chairman Bob Maginn and two former Congressmen, Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen, may end up in jail for political and financial corruption.

This past Friday August 17th, former Jenzabar Chief Financial Officer Alan MacDonald sued Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman and current Jenzabar CEO Bob Maginn for Political and Financial Corruption.

Of the explosive charges against Maginn, is that as both Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party and also CEO of Jenzabar, Maginn has been squandering cooperate money on political interests and illegally compensating employees like former Congressmen Blute and Torkildsen for their campaign contributions to Republican politicians.

Other explosive charges against Maginn in this court case, include MacDonald asserting that as both MassGOP Chairman and Jenzabar CEO, Maginn is also co-mingling party politics and fundraising money of the Massachusetts Republican Party with day to day business activities and business finances of Jenzabar.

MacDonald contends that Maginn has engaged in:

 “improper cooperate spending reduced the value of his equity in the company, creating a breach of fiduciary duties for shareholders…

If these charges are found to be true, the current Massachusetts Republican Chairman Bob Maginn will undoubtedly face criminal charges and jail time for trading business transactions and jobs at Jenzabar for political donations from the likes of former Congressmen Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen, both of whom have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the party since December 2011 when Maginn was elected MassGOP Chairman.  Since Maginn’s election, he hired both Blute and Torkildsen as unpaid Deputy MassGOP Chairmen while at the same time hired both Blute and Torkildsen as paid consultants at Jenzabar.

Now this inappropriate relationship or as many would call it a “corrupt bargain” between Maginn and the Former Congressmen Blute and Torkelson has been brought to the public’s attention through the lawsuit by Mr. MacDonald alleging the political and financial corruption by MassGOP Chairman Maginn, Jenzabar, and these former Congressmen.

Blute was fired for his infamous drunken boat cruise with hookers in Boston Harbor while working as Executive Director of MassPort.  Peter Blute and Torkildsen were the last Republican Congressmen in Massachusetts serving from 1993-97.

Also named in the lawsuit being sued is Maginn’s wife and business partner Ling Chai.  Chai created unwanted controversy for her husband when last fall 2011, Chai endorsed the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston offering the fledging socialist movement to be a leader for them and help them organize.  This controversy upset the conservative wing of the MassGOP party.  To read about this click on this link.

To read about the political and financial corruption by MassGOP Chair Maginn, these former Congressmen, and the innapropropriate “pay for jobs” deal between MassGOP donors and Jenzabar read the following Boston Globe article: “Mass. GOP chair’s firm spent on politics, lawsuit contends”


Read more at Cape Cod Today:


MassGOP Pilfers Convention Delegates

June 16, 2012 in Anarchy, Audit the Fed, MassGOP

What is the difference between  the MassGOP Convention election process and the Florida 2000 presidential  election chad recount process?  The answer is NONE! It appears that the MassGOP is singing the  the Florida tune: We  don’t like the election results so we will fabricate a means to make the election  go “Our Way.”

                  “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”  Elie Wiesel



Brad Wyatt

Massachusetts Liberty Caucus





17 Liberty Delegates/Alternates have been not certified.


We are disappointed that the Allocation Committee would ignore the Republican

voters of the Massachusetts Congressional Districts by refusing to even

communicate with the delegates after numerous attempts to reach out to the

allocation committee to discuss problems/issues with legality of the affidavit. The

continued arrogant attitudes and clear manipulation of the rules by members of

MassGOP leadership are a perfect example of why almost 90% Massachusetts

residents refuse to be a Registered Republican and active in the Massachusetts

Republican Party. Some elected delegates candidates had less than 40 hours to

review, sign, notarize, and return an unprecedented affidavit with an arbitrary

deadline to MassGOP headquarters. Ultimately, many elected Ronald Reagan

Unity Liberty slate delegate candidates that were just de-certified by the

Allocation Committee had turned in the original, MassGOP affidavit before they

met to make a decisions.

I am more disappointed that still, after last week’s endorsement of Governor Mitt

Romney by Senator Rand Paul, a leader of the Republican Liberty movement,

that the campaign staff of the Romney campaign would take the numerous olive

branches offered by the ‘Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate’, and continue to

snap those olive branches in two, ignoring attempts for outreach and

compromise, and just simply disenfranchising the voters and activists that could

help Mitt Romney win in November’s General Election.

The mishandling of issues regarding the Provisional Ballots, 5th District

Challenge, and Affidavits will only harden the resolve of the Liberty Caucus

supporters, to work with the grassroots activists to re-build the Republican Party

in Massachusetts, and help promote Liberty issues such as Auditing the Federal

Reserve, and requiring Congressional Declaration of  War to fund a war. Most

likely, multiple challenges will be filed to the RNC rules committee, as the

MassGOP leadership decides to waste its time and resources fighting with loyal,

hardworking, grassroots activists rather than defeating Democrats.

Brad Wyatt

Massachusetts Liberty Caucus




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Mitt Romney Exposed: I will cut Defense waste to pay for Obamacare

January 30, 2012 in MassGOP, ObamaCare, Presidential Candidates, Presidential Candidates on the Issues

This is Unbelievable!!!!!!

Appearing in Panama City Beach, Florida Mitt revealed he has no intention of repealing Obamacare and will cut “waste in the Department of Defense” to pay for ObamaCare! The crowd shouts, “No!”

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Massachusetts Tea Party Coalition 


The Maginn Mockery Continues

December 30, 2011 in MassGOP

Benedict Arnold Maginn

On November 30th, Bob Maginn was elected as the MAGOP State Chairman during a contentious State Committee meeting against anti-Establishment Opposition candidate Frank McNamara.

On December 23d Glen Johnson of the Boston globe reported that “Former Representative Peter Blute, who considered challenging Maginn for the chairmanship, and his fellow former congressman Peter Torkildsen, a past party chairman who helped steer Maginn to victory over McNamara, now have secured paid consulting contracts with Maginn’s company, Jenzabar Inc.” You know, Jenzabar was the company started by Maginn’s wife who incidentally also has an affinity for the Occupy Boston Socialist crowd, but that has nothing to do with Bob, you know.

For Real Massachusetts Republicans
– the mockery grows and grows!

Just in time for your morning barf – the Globe reports Romney-guy and newly elected [just 30 days ago] Robert Maginn gave Deval Patrick $500.oo.

This is in addition to the $2400.oo he gave to Chuck Schumer!

Why wasn’t this public knowledge BEFORE the election?

He says ‘his name and his company name Jenzabar were somehow misspelled on campaign finance documents…’.  Somehow?  Misspelled? How about deliberately…?

 Read the entire story here: http://rabidrepublicanblog.com/


2 ex-lawmakers gain after GOP battle

December 28, 2011 in MassGOP

 Lord Acton wrote, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And

King Solomon of the Old Testament said this: (Ecclesiasties 1:9)

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothin new under the sun.


Put these two thoughts together, add a political Intelligence story reported by of all media, the Boston Globe, and it appears that  MA GOP Chair Bob Maginn, who was employed for 10 years by  Mitt Romney at Bain Capital, purchased his chairmanship. It is also  alleged  that Mitt and Scott Brown conspired together to  hand pick  Maginn for the  GOP Chairmanship.  Maginn who donated $2400 to Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s election campaign in 2010 to purchase political favor, followed up that political transaction with another on November 30th. at the MA GOP State Chair election. He purchased his GOP Chair by bribing Former Representative Peter Blute and   former congressman Peter Torkildsen.
“Former Representative Peter Blute, who considered challenging Maginn for the chairmanship, and his fellow former congressman Peter Torkildsen, a past party chairman who helped steer Maginn to victory over McNamara, now have secured paid consulting contracts with Maginn’s company, Jenzabar Inc” You know, Jenzabar was the company started by Maginn’s wife who incidentally also has an affinity for the Occupy Boston Socialist crowd, but that has nothing to do with Bob, you know.

They say, “You get the government you deserve.” I say,  don’t inflict these corrupt  politicians on me.  Jennifer Nassour came into power as GOP Chair and utterly destroyed any hope of uniting the State party as she accelerated the GOP towards the Left at great neck speed. She was aided and abetted by the Washington-Boston establishment.  She has now handed over the gavel to Maginn, who continues the leftward acceleration but with personal monetary resources to purchase whatever stands in his path. I wonder whether Do-Bee Bob has been promised a Cabinet position  or an Ambassadorship in a Romney Administration? H’mmm, perhaps  Ambassador to China.

In any case, in this crucial election year of 2012, you and I are the loser in this plot of the powerful in the GOP to purchase  “The  People’s Seat” for their own aggrandizement, while burying  a true GOP healer like Frank  McNamara and dashing the hope for GOP unity and victories ”for the People” in 2012.


Boston Articles


2 ex-lawmakers gain after GOP battle

Political Intelligence


December 23, 2011|By Glen Johnson

If there has been a prize lately in Massachusetts Republican circles, political office aside, it has been the chairmanship of the state party.

With Mitt Romney a strong contender for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination, and Scott Brown likely to battle Elizabeth Warren in one of the country’s most high-profile US Senate races, there will be special demands on the chairman’s post during the next year.