The Heritage Foundation Responds to Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal

February 14, 2012 in Budget, Congress, Debt Crisis, Tax Day Rally, Tax Hike

The President’s recent 2013 Budget proposal continues his quest towards 1-world socialism and domestic economic disaster.  The Heritage Foundation concludes that,The Administration has tapped all its resources and can only recycle the President’s shopworn “vision”: bigger government, more spending, higher taxes, and deeper deficitsIf you are tired of President Obama’s fiscally irresponsible economic programs that have us heading over a cliff,   please bring your family and friends to the Boston Common on April 15th and join members of the Mass Tea Party as we protest his arrogance.


Heritage Responds to Obama’s 2013

Mike Brownfield

February 13, 2012 at 12:05 pm

President Obama’s Budget Proposal: Running on Empty
– Patrick Louis Knudsen

Coming from a President whose economic philosophy is a borrowed car company slogan, the Obama budget submitted Monday all too predictably repeats the stale and unsuccessful policies of the past three years.

The Administration has tapped all its resources and can only recycle the President’s shopworn “vision”: bigger government, more spending, higher taxes, and deeper deficits. At a time when runaway spending and swelling deficits must be reversed, he worsens both immediately but, as usual, promises to fix them later. In his first post-debt-ceiling fiscal plan—delayed a week, with no explanation—the President appears to have offered an election-year campaign document, not a credible blueprint for addressing the nation’s fiscal and economic problems.

Spending in the President’s budget rises inexorably from today’s $3.8 trillion to $5.8 trillion in 2022. Throughout the decade, outlays hold stubbornly above 22 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), more than twice the New Deal’s share of the economy in its peak years. In constant dollars, outlays are more than three times the peak of World War II.

In 2012, his budget results deliver a fourth consecutive annual deficit exceeding $1 trillion and then make it worse with another round of not-so-shovel-ready construction projects and government “investments” totaling $178 billion. Among these are the typical road, bridge, and school construction, but then they go alarmingly beyond the usual “infrastructure” arguments to fund teachers’ pay.

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Tax Day Rally – Mass Tea Party Coalition

February 9, 2012 in Boston Tea Party, Tax Day Rally, Tea Party, Tea Party Rally

 Tax Day Rally 2012

The Mass Tea Party Coalition in affiliation with Tea Party Patriots is holding a Tax Day Rally on Boston Common on Sunday April 15th 2012

Saugus MA – Carlos Hernandez, the Massachusetts Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator announces that the Mass Tea Party Coalition will hold a Tax Day Rally on Sunday April 15th at the Boston Common Bandstand. Further details will follow as event plans are finalized.

The Mass Tea Party is a grassroots coalition of more than 40 locally affiliated chapters Throughout Massachusetts. The groups are non-profit, non-partisan organizations dedicated to promoting & Defending The Constitution of the Constitution of the United state of America. Visit Mass Tea Party online at   Mass Tea party Event On facebook.

Rally Time 1pm to 4pm (Time May be Adjusted)