Rampant EBT Welfare Fraud Ignored by Gov. Patrick So as to not Alienate His Illicit Voter Base

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We  have recently learned that Gov. Patrick’s Department of Transitional  Assistance (DTA) sent out voter registration letters to 500,000 welfare recipients in early August 2012. The DTA likely only provided a limited legal defense against the lawsuit pushed thru by Elizabeth Warren’s daughter, in association with New England United for Justice, whose purpose was to register welfare recipients at government expense.New England United for Justice  is a reconstituted offshoot of the now defunct corrupt voter manipulation group, Association of Community Organizers for Reform otherwise known as ACORN.

As a result of the the taxpayer supported Democrat welfare voter registration drive, 19,000 letters were returned as undeliverable.  The cunning Deval  and DTS did not broach the subject either during or after the election. Neither would they release the information when the Herald learned of the deception and originally requested the information.  It took a Freedom of Information Request from the Herald to uncover the fraud. Deval  attempted to skirt disclosure of the EBT Welfare fraud and  Stonewall the public’s right to know, in order to  protect a  vital Democrat State party voting bloc.  These 19,000 welfare cheats  are  continuing to receive illicit benefits because Deval says that DTS  doesn’t have the means  to track or to stop the payments.

Just these  19,000 welfare cheats alone account for about 1/5 of our states mid -year 2013 Deficit.

Shaunna O'Connel

Had enough yet? You can do something about this if you call your Senators, Representatives and especially the Governor’s office and tell them you want REAL  EBT Welfare Reform and want them to pass Representative Shaunna O’Connell’s (R-Tauton) EBT Reform Bill, which she has once again filed this month.


You can’t ‘scrub’ up EBT mess with a dirty rag

Jan 6, 2013
By   Howie Carr / Boston Herald

Another day, another 19,000 anecdotes.

Anecdote — that’s Gov. Deval Patrick’s favorite word to describe any scandal involving EBT cards and his constituents. It doesn’t matter how solid the information is, how many law-enforcement agencies are involved in the takedown, he always shrugs off the latest rip-off of the taxpayers.


And now he’s looking at another 19,000 of them — that 4 percent of the welfare community that the Department of Transitional Assistance (a name that grows ever more preposterous) could not locate.

Those 19,000 MIA’s collect — based on an average of $400 a month — $91 million a year. That’s the estimate of Rep. Shauna O’Connell (R-Taunton). But the governor Friday went into his best pooh-pooh mode.

“That may not be indicative of a problem,” he said with a straight face. “We’ll know when we do the scrubbing.”

Scrubbing? More like a sponge bath would be my guess. This is a program that needs a good cold shower. But the governor, himself a former welfare recipient, recommends … nothing, basically. Call it professional courtesy.

Let’s not forget how the “scrubbing” began. Granny Warren’s daughter filed a lawsuit claiming the DTA hadn’t been proactive enough in registering the state’s assorted loafers and layabouts to vote for her carpetbagging fake-Indian mom. Then — bingo, the hacks located $274,000 for mailings, complete with post-paid envelopes for the gimme girls and guys to send back their voter registrations.

Have you ever gotten a post-paid envelope from the commonwealth? No, I didn’t think so. They’re not for taxpayers, just for the non-working classes to take part in a Democratic voter-registration drive.

The Patrick administration has known about these appalling EBT numbers for months now. They were only released after this newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Which is the same way it was revealed that Lt. Gov. Tim Murray was doing 108 mph when he mysteriously crashed his state vehicle in November 2011.

So much for transparency at the State House.

It takes months for a law-abiding citizen to get a gun permit in this state. But if you sign up for welfare with a fake name or address, no problemo. Nobody ever checks up, apparently.

When Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York in 1993, he insisted that all welfare recipients show up in person to renew their applications. A quarter of the “recipients” never appeared. It’s hard to respond to a letter if you don’t really exist.

I know, that’s just an “anecdote.” So here’s one more. Years ago when the transit cops in New York and New Jersey started busting fare-jumpers, they made an astounding discovery. A quarter — there’s that number again — of those arrested were carrying welfare cards from both New York and New Jersey. In other words, they were collecting in two states.

And now the Mass. welfare rolls will get a “scrubbing” — wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Here’s what really matters to Deval and his gang of plunderers. On Thursday, as soon as the successor to the outgoing watchdog of the Governor’s Council, Mary-Ellen Manning, was sworn in, the governor nominated Mary Beth Heffernan for a judgeship.

Yes, that Mary Beth Heffernan, probably the worst public-safety secretary in state history. Too incompetent to properly broom Tim Murray’s auto accident or Annie Dookhan or the Sheila Burgess bad-driving fiasco, so they give her early retirement on the bench for $130,000 a year.

Taking care of dodgy old hacks, that’s what Deval et al. are about, not cleaning up the disaster that is the welfare state.

By the way, I still haven’t heard back from Deval on my generous offer to provide him with one hour per month on my radio talk show to explain how wonderful he and his administration are.

Governor, the offer stands.

Suggested first topic: scrubbing.

Vodka For Votes – Voter Fraud!

October 22, 2012 in Election, Obama's America 2016, Political Deception, Politics, Voter Fraud

The plan: offering cheap vodka … for votes.    It was part of a scheme to steal an election in eastern Arkansas that included absentee ballot fraud and buying votes with money, food and even alcohol.    “I guess I always knew all along it was wrong, but I really didn’t think it was that big a deal,” explained former Democratic state Rep. Hudson Hallum. “I always heard … that’s what everybody did.”   Hallum and three others have pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit election fraud during the special election that put him in the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2011. A total of nine people have been charged by federal and state authorities in connection with the plan.


According to the indictment filed by the U.S. attorney’s office in Little Rock, Hallum told co-defendant Phillip Wayne Cater, a West Memphis, Arkansas City Councilman, “We need to use that black limo and buy a couple of cases of some cheap vodka and whiskey to get people to vote.”   Prosecutors say Carter, along with Hallum’s father, Kent Hallum, tried to get a discount from a liquor distributor in Memphis, Tenn., on 100 half-pints of vodka, for $200.   In Little Rock, at least one brand of vodka retails for $2 per half-pint plastic bottle, so it does not appear they would have received any savings.   “Folk gonna vote for whoever pay them,” Carter was quoted as saying.   The conspirators did not end up following through with the plan to trade vodka, but did allegedly trade money and food, determining that “$20 to $40 was too much to pay for one vote … but was acceptable to pay for the votes of multiple members of a household.” In addition to offering goods and money in exchange for votes, the indictment alleges that Hallum and his father even opened unsealed absentee ballots — and the ones that were cast in favor of his opponent, Kim Felker, were “destroyed” so they wouldn’t count.   Hallum received a lopsided landslide in the absentee ballot count, garnering 394 votes to Felker’s 67.   “I was horrified,” Felker told Fox News about the vodka-for-votes scheme, as she sat on her porch in Crawfordsville, Ark. “This is not a third-world country, this is east Arkansas, and this is something you hear of in another part of the world. … The people in our district have been duped, really. And we are the ones who are suffering.”   Court documents detail Hallum’s “absentee ballot strategy,” which included submitting absentee ballot applications on behalf of voters, tracking when they were mailed, assisting voters in completing the ballots, and in some cases completing the absentee ballots without regard for the voter’s choice.   The fraud was exposed after Felker received a phone message from someone offering her absentee ballots for her race, which is against the law. She reported the call to authorities.   Felker, a retired special education school teacher and farmer’s wife, was making her first run for political office at the time. She lost by only eight votes out of 1,772 cast, and told Fox News she would have won the election had it not been stolen from her.   “I think my votes were not turned in,” Felker said. “I had always been suspicious of that, but I thought maybe it was only a case of several, but I was shocked.”   Felker said the experience has taught her that those who claim there is no voter fraud in the country should “come to my house and talk to me. There is voter fraud.”   “The most fundamental rights we enjoy as American citizens include the ability to vote,” declared U.S. Attorney Jane Duke, who prosecuted the federal case.”Voter fraud schemes … have the devastating effect of eroding public confidence in elected officials and disenfranchising voters.”   “The system is broken,” charges Arkansas Republican Rep. Bryan King, who is advocating new measures to ensure the integrity of the election process.   King has waged a campaign for tougher election laws in Arkansas, including voter ID laws, in an effort to change what he says has been a long-standing culture of voter fraud corruption in his state. He is calling for better monitoring of election administrators, prosecutions of voter fraud allegations and mandatory sentences for those convicted of voter fraud crimes.   He also wants the state to establish “a panel of independent judges and prosecutors, because a lot of these prosecutors don’t want to prosecute voter fraud because of the political consequences.”   He said: “What we had in eastern Arkansas, and some other places in Arkansas, is voter fraud had never been prosecuted, no one was looking, no one was watching. … If we can’t put our faith in the election system, then how can we put our faith in the people that were sent up to represent us? People need to have faith in elections, and that they are being administered fairly.”   Tim Humphries, the Arkansas State Board of Elections legal counsel, said “the system was definitely corrupt over there.”   “If these people had not been caught, then that certainly impacts the integrity of the election process,” he said.   Humphries said the Board takes voter fraud allegations seriously and that cases like this “show that we’re vigilant here in Arkansas about these sorts of things.”   After pleading guilty to the federal charges in September, Hallum resigned from office, and along with his three co-defendants is expected to be sentenced before the end of the year. He faces the possibility of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  He did not respond to messages from Fox News and his attorney, Glenn Lovett, declined a request for an interview with Hallum.   In an interview with Memphis Fox13, WHBQ last month, Hallum defended giving voters food, since the election coincided with a flood in his district, and he said people needed help.   He did express regret for other actions, saying, “I took something from them, and that was their trust.”   “At the time, I absolutely didn’t think me going to get somebody something to eat during a disaster, was wrong,” he said. But he admitted that, “As we went along, I definitely started figuring out that we were doing some things that were absolutely wrong and, I didn’t stop when I should have.”   Hallum also apologized to his fellow legislators at the Arkansas Capitol, writing them that he accepts responsibility and “took some bad advice that led to some bad decisions on my part … It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve with each of you and our state is a better place for what you have done.”   Despite his guilty plea and removal from office, Hallum is still on the ballot for November’s election — running against Green Party candidate Fred Smith. He resigned after the deadline to remove his name, but if he wins again, election officials say he will not take office and a special election will likely be held to fill the post.   Felker said she has no plans to run again anytime soon. What especially stings, is that when she votes, she is reminded of her father, who served in World War II, and of her uncle, who was a prisoner of war.   “When I cast my vote, that’s who I think about and when I look at a ballot, that is what I think about, and that is what got me when I found out that my opponent and his father had torn up my votes,” she laments.   “I would not sell my vote for anything.”   She has a message for all Americans about voter fraud: “Don’t just sit back and take it. If something is not right in our voting system, and it is messing with our democracy, you’ve got to step up and do something about it, because that’s your most basic right, your vote. If that is compromised, then you are going to see democracy disappearing.”   If you suspect voter fraud where you live, tell us: Voterfraud@Foxnews.com

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/22/arkansas-op

America is Under Siege – We Need to Elect Constitutional Patriots Like Allen West

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Here in MA there is a myth that in order to be elected into office one needs to embrace Progressive Ideology.  Our state is noted for its social welfare generosity which  has become a Progressive magnet for illegal Aliens and welfare recipients from across the region. A system that was originally designed in response  families that believed in the Protestant work ethic but who had their bread winner disabled through no fault of their own.  Recently, Lloyd Marcus wrote about America and Divine Intervention in Trevor Loudon’s NoisyRoom blog. It is his perception of how our society has evolved into a Social-Economic-Political “gimme Society”, where entitlements instead of  principle would appears to be our new voting mantra.

He  writes that, “Some pundits say Obama has so successfully transformed America into a “gimme society” that the food stamp president will win re-election in a landslide. Other political wizards say the bloom is off the rose. A majority of Americans realize that Obama is a far left, radical, socialist/progressive, anti-American, lawless dictator. His reign of terror will end come November. Arguments are strong supporting both scenarios.”

Whether one believes the former or latter political prognostication about the presidential race, one fact is abundantly clear.  Recent polls indicate that Americans of all persuasions have little to no faith in Congress.  In April,  “Just one in 10 Americans approves of the job Congress is doing, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday, tying the branch’s lowest approval rating in 38 years.”

As we look to fill our seats in State and National offices this fall,  we  suggest that  you look to a new Role Model for Massachusetts, namely Allen West. As you will see from the following video, he is a man of Principle,  Character and Caring.  We need to evolve our Senators and Representatives to the Allen West model and away from the  Progressive’s transformed  “gimme society” model.

Defense Department Violating Military Voter Laws

September 8, 2012 in United State Military, United States Constitution, US Military, Veterans, Voter Fraud

A group of Republican senators is seizing on a new inspector general’s report that criticizes the Defense Department’s voter assistance operations, accusing the Pentagon of disregarding the will of Congress and violating the law.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and five other Republicans wrote that DOD was violating the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act, which required troops and their families access to voter assistance on military bases.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl4nyacvjws’]

The Defense Department Inspector General’s office released a report this week in which half of its attempts to contact voter assistance offices on military bases failed, and it found not all of the offices had been set up.

“With great disappointment, we have concluded that the Department of Defense stands in clear violation of a central provision of this federal law, which mandated the creation of on-base voter assistance offices,” the senators wrote. “The price of DoD’s failure to follow the law will likely be paid this November by military service members and their families, whose voting rights were to have been safeguarded by this provision.”
The Pentagon pushed back against the report in a press conference Wednesday, saying that the reason DODIG failed to reach many of the offices was that they had outdated contact information.

“I spent 25 years in the Army, and I voted absentee. And I can tell you that I only wish that when I was in uniform, I had access to the tools and resources that are available to our men and women today,” said Pam Mitchell, acting director of the DOD Federal Voting Assistance Program.

The inspector general’s report concluded that one reason not all of the offices had been established was due to lack of funding, but the Republican senators called that claim “disingenuous.”

“DoD has never asked Congress for this funding,” they wrote. “It is sometimes said that the budget is policy and, here, it appears that DoD’s policy was to disregard the clear will of Congress.”

In addition to Cornyn, the letter was signed by Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) and James Inhofe (R-Okla.).

Voter Intimidation – FAA Supervisors Accused of Pressuring Employees to Vote For OBama

September 6, 2012 in Anarchy, Constitutional, Election, Politics, Voter Fraud

Two federal agency supervisors allegedly warned employees earlier this year that a Republican takeover in Washington could threaten their jobs — comments that some workers apparently took as guidance on “how to vote” and that one group claims may have violated federal law.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM25SroVUy8′]

Nonprofit watchdog Cause of Action wrote a letter Wednesday asking the Department of Transportation’s inspector general to launch a probe into the incident, involving senior officials with the Federal Aviation Administration. The incident occurred in May during a meeting at the FAA’s Seattle office, according to the letter.

Emails obtained by FoxNews.com show one FAA employee recalling what John Hickey, deputy associate administrator for aviation safety, said at the meeting.

“I would not be able to quote Mr. Hickey (sic) exact words but what I took out of it was, if the conservative (Republicans) gain control of congress then the FAA could be looking (at) as much as a 15% cut in budget and we (may) be looking at furloughs. If the liberal Democrats take control of congress then we would be looking at a flat budget,” the email said. “In short if the Republicans win office our jobs may be (affected) … if the Democrats win office then our jobs would not be (affected).”

The recipient of that email then relayed the account, and others, to apparent higher-ups at the FAA. He said, “there seems to be some energy within the office as a reaction to Mr. Hickey’s, inappropriate at best, comments and more than a few employees took umbrage that a person in such an elevated position in the agency would make those remarks.

“My understanding is that more than one employee’s perception was that Mr. Hickey was essentially telling them how to vote if they wanted to keep their job,” he wrote.

Cause of Action claims the FAA’s Office of Special Counsel is already investigating, adding that Raymond Towles, deputy director of flight standards field operations, is also being looked at over similar comments at the May meeting.

The Cause of Action letter requesting an IG investigation expressed concern that the comments may have violated the Hatch Act, which bars federal employees from partisan political activity.

An FAA spokesman said in a statement Wednesday that the agency would cooperate with any review.

“The FAA takes Hatch Act violation allegations very seriously and will cooperate fully with any review of the allegations,” the spokesman said.

Dan Epstein, executive director of Cause of Action, called the alleged incident an “egregious abuse of power for political gain.”

“These career employees were led to believe their jobs were at risk if their political support did not line up with the agenda of the administration,” he said.

A representative with the FAA has not yet responded to a request for comment on the incident.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/05/senior-faa-officials-accused-telling-workers-job-security-at-risk-if/#ixzz25iP7I8Gw

Voter shift – Democratic Voter Registration Down By Approx 800,000 in 8 key states – Megyn Kelly

August 17, 2012 in Election, Voter Fraud

A new report on voter registration trends finds that Democratic voter registration is down by more than 800,000 since 2008 in 8 key battleground states.

GOP registration has also declined – but by only 79,000, a tenth of the Democrats’ losses.

Meanwhile, registered independents are on the rise, increasing their numbers in those states by nearly half-a-million.
[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjPh39aw79U’]
The analysis, conducted by centrist Democratic think tank Third Way and appearing first in POLITICO, points to the critical role independent voters will play in determining the presidential outcome in some of the most competitive states on the 2012 map – Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

160 Counties in the US have More People Registered to Vote than are Alive

August 7, 2012 in America's Collapse, Anarchy, Voter Fraud

160 Counties in the United State have more people registerd to Vote than are Alive & Eligible to vote.

The voters in those counties Account for 203 Electoral Votes In six Battle ground State.

True the Vote sent out legal notices after finding out about this discrepancy.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAVQ1-SeCUQ’]

True The Vote!

“The Problem” from True the Vote on Vimeo.

Has an Obama gaffe finally revealed his innermost contempt for America?

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Is Obama in league with Satan?

Has an Obama gaffe finally revealed his innermost contempt for America, our Constitution and our traditional institutions? A contempt so deep and so villainous to American Principles and Values that he had to keep it concealed from public view. Hidden lest his villainous ideology be exposed and ruin his wicked plan to destroy America’s most cherished constitutional, social and economic institutions. Every once and a while those seers of our American culture would get a glimpse of his veiled intent and would alert our populous who either would not or could not believe that an American President could be capable of such infamous deeds.Then last Monday night while speaking at a fundraiser in Oakland last, Obama momentarily removed his superficial cloak as he told a mob of supporters that, “Just like we’ve tried their plan, we’ve tried our plan, and it worked. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.” He thereby, perhaps unconsciously, revealed his ongoing plan to subvert and destroy America.

Here is Rush’s take:


And   Hugh Hewitt’s  List of :

 The Top 50 Obama Short comings-50 reasons not to vote for Obama

1. Obamacare
2. The failed $850 billion stimulus
3. High, persistent unemployment
4. Gas prices
5. The 2012 budget’s fecklessness
6. Massive deficits each and every year
7. The seizure of GM and Chrysler, the transfer of bondholder wealth to unions, and the dumping of the GM stock at a loss

8. Dodd-Frank

9. Hostility to Israel, including attack on apartment expansion and icing of Prime Minister Netanyahu in basement of White House
10. Failure to support Iran’s Green Revolution
11. Failure to support Syrian revolution
12. The Libyan Fiasco
13. The incompetent handling of the Gulf Oil disaster
14. The unnecessary permitorium in the aftermath of the Gulf Oil disaster
15. The shutdown of Shell’s Arctic oil exploration by EPA

16. The president’s push for cap-and-tax in the Congress
17. The president’s attempt to unconstitutionally impose cap-and-tax via EPA when the Congress wouldn’t pass cap-and-tax
18. The president’s push for unconstitutional restrictions on free speech on his political enemies while keeping the unions free to spend money on campaigns via The Disclose Act
19. The president’s attempt to unconstitutionally impose The Disclose Act on his political opponents but not unions via Executive Order
20. The president’s use of unaccountable “czars”
21. The president’s refusal to accept Congressional direction vis-a-vis his “czars” contained in the last 2011 Continuing Resolution
22. The president’s verbal assault on the Supreme Court while the members of the Court sat before him in the state of the Union
23. The president and Eric Holder’s politicization of the Department of Justice, including the black panthers case and the refusal to defend DOMA
24. The president’s use of demonizing rhetoric towards his opponents, such as accusing doctors of performing unnecessary surgery for money
25. The president’s hyper-partisan approach to governing including “I won, you lost” in 2009 and the assault on Paul Ryan with Paul Ryan as an invited guest in the president’s April 2011 “deficit speech.”
26. Bowing to the Saudi King and the Japanese emperor
27. Returning the bust of Churchill to Great Britain
28. Removing the missile shield from Poland and the Czech Republic
29. Backing the would-be dictator of Hondorus when that nation’s Supreme Court rightfully removed him from office
30. Failure to push for quick ratification of free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea
31. Indecision on Afghanistan surge coupled with announcement of eventual withdrawal.
32. Incoherence on Egypt, most obviously with the dispatch of Frank Wizner and then rejection of Wizner’s advice vis-a-vis Mubarak.
33. Appointment Craig Beck to NLRB via recess appointment
34. Appointment of FCC commissioners who are pursuing “net neutrality” without Congressional authorization
35. Failure to resume full water deliveries to California’s Central Valley because of the Delta Smelt
36. Attempt to close Guantanamo Bay
37. Attempt to try terrorists in New York City
38. Janet “The System Worked” Napolitano
39. Government takeover of the student loan program
40. Cancellation of “virtual border fence” project with no replacement or indeed concern for border security
41. The “Beer Summit” and the attack on the Cambridge Police Department
42. The Department of Justice’s attack on Arizona for that state’s exercise of its sovereign legislative authority on the issue of citizen identification rules
43. The attack on Scott Walker and Wisconsin for the governor’s and the state legislature’s exercise of their sovereign legislative authority on public employment issues
44. Dabbling in basketball brackets while the Middle East fell into chaos and the gas prices skyrocketed
45. Arguing that American exceptionalism was the same as any nation’s sense of exceptionalism
46. Implying that Minnesota bridge collapse was the result of lack of infrastructure funding
47. Inserting himself into campaign for the Olympics
48. Attack on D.C. voucher program
49. Van Jones and a long list of other appointees
50. Teleprompter dependency and the worst run of presidential rhetoric since Millard Fillmore combined with testiness in the few interviews he grants.

Welfare – Workfare is Going Out of Welfare – Is This Legal – The king to Rewrite Laws

July 24, 2012 in Anarchy, Politics, President Obama, Socialist, Voter Fraud, Welfare

The king (barack hussein obama) is going to to revising the  Welfare Work Requirements.
Could thes changes be a pre-payment for  their turn-out in November?. (What else could it be?)

When am I going to get Paid For Taking out The Trash!!!!!!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuZSLe_DO20′]

House GOP questions legal grounds for changes to welfare work requirements 

Published July 23, 2012| FoxNews.com

House Republicans said Monday they were “disappointed” with the Obama administration’s plan to waive mandatory work requirements for welfare and questioned the legal grounds being used to make such changes.

“We are disappointed to see that the administration through this action and others seems intent not on helping to get Americans back to work,” said the letter signed by 76 House Republicans.

The one-page letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius also states the administration is instead intent upon increasing Americans’ reliance on welfare and other government programs.

The work requirements in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families legislation were signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

The letter points out the addition of the work requirement had bipartisan support in Congress and that President Clinton upon signing them said the act “honors my basic principles or real welfare reform.”

The changes were detailed in a July 12 “information memorandum” from HHS telling states they could seek a waiver from the TANF program’s strict work requirements.

Among the legal questions raised in the lawmakers’ letter Monday to Sebelius were whether waivers are applicable to the Social Security Act and what legal authority allows for such “underlying flexibility in federal law.”

Two Republican governors already differ on the issue.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has lashed out at the plan, suggesting the administration has exceeded its authority, while Florida Gov. Rick Scott has suggested the flexibility would allow him to keep the work requirement.

Scott made clear that Floridians seeking benefits will still have to look for a job.

“People need to be going out and looking for a job,” he said recently on “Fox News Sunday.” “We believe in personal responsibility, and we’re going to have that in our state.”

How the change to the welfare program will play out is unclear. The directive said only that states may seek a waiver from the work component of the TANF program to “test alternative and innovative strategies, policies and procedures that are designed to improve employment outcomes for needy families.”

HHS stressed that any alternative should still aim to get welfare recipients into gainful employment. Any plan that “appears substantially likely to reduce access to assistance or employment for needy families,” will not be approved, the memo stated.

States currently must have 50 percent of their caseload meet certain work participation requirements, though there are ways around that as many states fall short.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/23/house-gop-questions-legal-grounds-for-changes-to-welfare-work-requirements/print#ixzz21YE6zitI

Illegal allien Voting – Citizenship Means Nothing if any Non Citizen Votes

July 16, 2012 in Amnesty, Dream Act, Election, Immigration, Politics, United States Constitution, Voter Fraud

Carlos Hernandez: I was a Legal immigrant, a US Navy Veteran & I am now a United States Citizen That Loves His Country.
We are destroying Our Country.
Citizenship Means Nothing if even  1 Non Citizen Votes, and neutralizes another Citizen’s vote.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pjaPzvIuBs’]

Florida GOP Gov. Rick Scott on Saturday lauded the Obama administration’s new announcement that gives the state access to a federal database to prevent voter fraud, but he also called the standoff-ending decision a “significant victory” for Florida.

The Department of Homeland Security reportedly informed Scott this weekend that Florida would have access to the agency’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements database.

The database, known as SAVE, is a list of resident non-citizens maintained by the agency that will help the state to challenge people’s right to vote if they are suspected of not being U.S. citizens.

The Obama administration had for months denied Florida’s request but relented after a judge ruled in the state’s favor in a related voter-purge matter.

“Access to the SAVE database will ensure that non-citizens do not vote in future Florida elections,” the governor said. “I’m appreciative that the federal government is working with us cooperatively… This commitment from the United States Department of Homeland Security marks a significant victory for Florida and for the integrity of our election system.”

Voting rights groups, while acknowledging that non-citizens have no right to vote, have expressed alarm about using such data for a purpose not originally intended — purging voter lists of ineligible people. They also said voter purges less than four months before a presidential election might leave insufficient time to correct mistakes.

Democrats say that the government’s concession is less troubling than Texas and other GOP-run states pushing to require voters to show photo identification at polling places.

The Texas case was heard in federal court this week by a three-judge panel, and a decision is expected by the end of August.

Colorado and other states have asked for similar access to SAVE.

After a judge recently ruled against federal efforts to stop Florida’s aggressive voter-list review, the Homeland Security Department agreed this past week to work on how the state could access SAVE.

“We’ve already confirmed that non-citizens have voted in past elections here in Florida,” Scott said. “Now that we have the cooperation of the Department of Homeland Security, our state can use the most accurate citizenship database in the nation to protect the integrity of Florida’s election process.”

Florida has agreed that it can challenge voters only if the state provides a “unique identifier,” such as an “alien number,” for each person in question.

Alien numbers generally are assigned to foreigners living in the country legally, often with visas or other permits such as green cards.

Unless they become naturalized citizens, however, these people cannot vote.

The agreement will prevent Florida from using only a name and birth date to seek federal data about a suspected noncitizen on voter rolls. It’s unlikely to catch illegal immigrants who might have managed to register to vote because such people typically would not have an alien number.

On Monday, federal official told Florida they were ready to work out details for providing access to the SAVE list.

In June, the Justice Department sued the Scott administration on grounds that the state’s voter-purge efforts violated voting rights laws.

The suit against the state and Secretary of State Ken Detzner alleged Florida violated its obligations under the federal National Voter Registration Act by conducting a “systematic program to purge voters from its rolls within the 90-day quiet period before an election for federal office.”

The suit also alleged Florida violated the law by using “inaccurate and unreliable” voter verification procedures, according to a statement by Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Scott in turn sued Homeland Security seeking access to the SAVE list, arguing it could be a valuable tool in determining who is a citizen.

“This is not a partisan issue,” Scott told Fox News at the time. “This is protecting the rights of U.S. citizens and not diluting their vote by non-U.S. citizens.”

A Homeland Security spokesman said Saturday the agency had no further comment.

Agency officials reportedly expressed concerns last month about using the SAVE list because it is incomplete and does not provide comprehensive data on all eligible voters.

Scott’s administration hopes to restart a suspended voter registration purge that was hampered this year by faulty data and bad publicity. The review, based largely on driver’s license information, turned up 2,625 suspected noncitizen registered to vote.

Some of those purged were in fact citizens. An examination by the Tampa Bay Times found “just a handful” that had actually voted illegally. Florida officials said access to the federal data will allow a more reliable review of voter rolls.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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