President’s immigration plan will cost taxpayers over $350 million the first year

August 9, 2012 in Anarchy, dictator, Dream Act, Immigration, President Obama

The President’s  immigration plan will cost taxpayers over $350 million the first year
American citizens and legal immigrants get your wallets out. Effective next week the Obama amnesty will take effect.
The Obama administration will now allow aliens with criminal records to enter the country and will stop deportation of illegal aliens even if they violated state immigration laws.
A message from fellow Massachusetts resident.
We fought so hard to get secure communities in place and had some raids in the past few days. We  hate to sayit but probably starting next week everything that  ICE has accompolished will be undone .
We are A banana republic with a self-proclaimed dictator that does not uphold the document that he swore to defend. Oh, I forgot to mention that he messed up the oath that he took in private.

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